Just Wrong

      I know this deal may seem a bit wrong.  But, it actually isn’t.  Livestock observation is a must.  Especially with bucks and then when you throw in an ET flush program, now you better pay attention.  

     I have programmed two donors for this next flush (hear that sound of money getting ready to leave my account–it is already circling like a turd that just isn’t ready to head down).  Anyways, these are two 8 year old proven Harley does.  Maybe we will get some embryos, probably not.  Obviously I am very optimistic, but yet we are going through the motions like it is going to work.  

     One of these does is getting bred to a buck that we call Joe Dirt.  The other is getting bred to a younger buck that is named Rumour Has It.  It is kind of fun to see these two bucks in side by side pens.  Yes, I am kind of partial to these two dudes. But, it is kind of fun to watch the differences between them.  

      As I walk towards the corral, Rumour is screaming like a gutshot comanche.  He knows it is there and ready and he wants it.  And he will let the whole world know about it.  Dirt, well he is just looking at Rumour like “WTH dude?  It will be there.  Just wait a minute.”

      The gates are opened and Rumour runs at his donor like a linebacker getting ready to blow up a running back behind the line of scrimmage.  As soon as he gets there, he yells at her, does the buck talk in her ear.  Yells again, tries to mount as he knocks her into the fence.  Then stands back and yells again.  Looks at Dirt, then realizes he better quit talking about it and do something.  

Dirt.  The gate opens, he waits for the donor to come to him.  She does.  She stops.  He mounts.  He dismounts.  She stands there with back arched.  He walks to the fence and looks at Rumour like “You need me to show you how to do this?”  Then he goes and gets a bite to eat.  

      At this point, Rumour takes care of business.  But now, he wants to know what Dirt is doing.  But, he is afraid to leave his donor, so he stands there and yells about it.  It is about this time that Dirt’s donor is starting to move again.  She isn’t locked up and her eyes aren’t as glazed as they were.  So, Dirt hits it again.  Walks off.  Rumour yells some more.  

      Last night, I watched as Dirt didn’t make any moves towards his donor.  If you weren’t aware of how Dirt works, one might be worried.  I also watched Rumour as he raised havoc and told the world that he was getting ready to get some action.  This morning and tonight–Dirt did what Dirt does–breed does.  Basically, one is like a high school kid while the other could work in movies.  

      We’ll see if this flush works.  Then we’ll see if the recips stick.  Then we’ll see what we get come February.  And if it doesn’t work–well, my recips are pretty high quality, so they’ll just get bred naturally.  It’s all just a big gamble and we’re rolling the dice.  Again.  I know.  I’m retarded.  I need some horseshoes and shamrocks for this deal.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.