Just Thinking

      What in the hell was that weather all about yesterday?  5:30 am on Tuesday morning, I did chores in shorts and a t-shirt and was completely comfortable.  By noon, I was digging under the seats of the pickup trying to find a coat.  Thankfully, I found a pullover.  Wind, Rain, Sleet, Hail, Snow, Thunder and Lightning.  ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  What?  

       Things that I would pay somebody to do to help me or my kids.


1–Fishing guide–At a big lake or on the ocean, you have to have a guide.  Costa Rica–great guides, big fish and killer good pineapple.  Lake Texhoma–I’ve been without a guide and caught 1 striper.  Several times with guides–lots of fish.  Another week or two and I’m going to pay another guide.  Already sent the deposit.  

2–Penmanship–If you want me to write something that is legible to the rest of the world, then you better write it for me.  My penmanship is horrible.  I was told in 4th grade that I need to be a doctor.  I didn’t know what it meant at the time.  It has steadily gotten worse, the older I get.  When I was meats judging at OSU, we had to write reasons.  My scores automatically started at 48 instead of 50.  Minus 2–penmanship.


3–Guitar lessons–No, my extensive experiences on the Wii playing Guitar Hero don’t count.  

4–Showing sheep–If my kids ever want a sheep, first, I will cuss a lot.  Then I’m going to pay somebody to go buy them and to look at them a time or two before crunch time.  I’d probably pay somebody to shear them also.  I know how to select, feed and show sheep.  I don’t like it and I don’t want to do it.  I’ll pay somebody that does like it.

5–Ice–I’m sick of scooping snow and ice.  Although, the exercise doesn’t hurt me, I’d pay somebody.

6–Sports–If Duke wants to get serious at any sport, I’ll send him to camp(s) and get him better coaches.  

7–Online goat sales–Yes, I’ve sold goats online way before the rest of the world thought it was a good idea.  Now, it’s what all the cool kids do.  I can tell you this much, they are work to get the animals to look right without looking fake.  Hats off to all that do such a good job now.  I understand the time and work that went into the sales and I appreciate it–whether they have hair or not.  I’d gladly pay somebody to fit, show them and photo.  I’d just cook ribs, bologna and drink beer and everybody would be happier.

8–Mechanic/carpenter work–I don’t like working on anything that has an engine, belt, pulley, gear, electrical as well as precise woodwork.  I’m out.  There are numerous types of people in this world.  There are artists, sculptors, inventors–those that create things.  There are mechanics, carpenters, engineers, electricians–those that fix things.  Then there are people like me–those that tear that stuff up and create jobs for the first two types.