Just stuff

      That trip OKC last saturday was not fun at all.  From Oakwood to Watonga was severely slick and dangerous.  There were 6 semis in the ditch in that 15 mile stretch.  Kela’s plane was delayed but she made it in just fine.  The TSO concert was off-the-hook good.  Tammy and I have seen them several times and they always put on a whale of a show.  Even with the horrible road conditions, the Chesapeake center was full.  

      It has been pretty cold here for over a week.  But at least the wind hasn’t been bad.  I’ve had to factor in ice breaking time every morning.  Most of the stock has been grateful that the hay feeders stay full, the self feeder on the doe kids stays full and the dog feeders stay full.  However, there is a set of does that have been living inside since before the first ice storm back around the 1st of December.  They haven’t seen any ice, snow, freezing rain, wind or cold.  They have full feeders and alfalfa hay and a heater when needed.  But they are so grateful that they routinely crap in their water and waste hay.  But their babies are doing well.

      I know that several have tried to call me lately and haven’t had any luck getting me to answer.  I apologize, but between work, our own personal stuff going on and a STRONG desire to NOT have to talk goats, I’ve just needed a recharge week or two not answering questions.  

     I hope everybody had a good Christmas or Hannukah.  If you don’t celebrate one of those two holiday’s, well, I feel for you.  I did recently listen to a new Christmas poem.  It was very interesting.  Who knew that Big I was a poet.