Just Right

Some places and some times while doing some things just seem to be just right more than others.  Like Happy Gilmore, we each have a happy place to go to in times of need.  Everybody has a list of these places and times.  There ain’t a wrong answer.  Here’s this list ( in no particular order)

1.–Sorting good stock.  Whether it be cattle, goats, pigs, dogs, chickens or even a sheep, I just like sorting good livestock.   It doesn’t matter if it is 115 degrees F,  west of Turkey, TX in a pen with hundreds of goats, sorting through well fitted cattle or studying baby pigs on fresh wood chips…I like it.  

2–Stillwater, OK. 

3–At home, with the phone off, getting your own stuff done on a nice day.  Hard to beat a day like that.  What’s the term?  Priceless!!   That would be today.  Horns burnt.  Stuff planted.  Animals tagged, vaccinated, moved, etc  

4–West of Mutual, OK with numerous friends, watching kids hunt quail.  Good day!

5.–At a concert and the band actually sounds better live.

6.–Floating the Comal River.  Then eating supper at Gruene.

7.–Catching a fish.  Any fish.  Anywhere.  Any time.  

8.–Busch Stadium, Fenway Park, etc.  

9.–Pulled up to a table at Cooper’s or any other stellar restaurant.  

10.–Reallizing that your kids are better than you hoped that they could be.  

11.–Sitting somewhere on a nice day, talking livestock with some other like minded fool. 

12.–Christmas Eve–this would be my #1 day of the year, just about every year. 

13.–Watching a kid achieve a goal.  Makes it all worthwhile. 


I’m going to go on the record and say that Duke has had a big day today.  His buddy,Vegas Gambill, showed up here at Paradise about 7 AM.  They went turkey hunting at Tyke’s.  Then went to Wolf Creek and stomped around.  Then went to a party at noon.  Free Food.  Then went fishing at Gage.  Then came back to Fargo.  And then left to go hunting again.  I don’t even know if they shot a turkey or caught a fish, but that is a good day whether you are 15 or 45.  

Get to your happy place.  I hope you all have nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks!