Judging is an integral part of the livestock business.  As a producer, one has to constantly ask theirselves questions about judging.  Questions such as:  What are the show ring judgers looking for?  What do my animals need in order to make them sell higher?  How does this sire match up with that dam?  Am I raising a profitable enterprise?  What do I need to improve?  Basic Livestock Judging 101.

I’m not the only judge of livestock in this house.  Friday night, Tammy, Duke and I went to a newly opened Mexican restaurant in Woodward.  Dad had told me that the  original shop is dang good.  So we went to give it a try.  While there, we were seated next to a long group of tables.  Obviously some kind of Christmas Party.  As the guests began to come in and be seated, it became apparent that there was something going on with the UGLY Christmas sweaters.  Most of the women were wearing some ugly sweaters.  I’m reminded of the Real Men of Genius commercials.—“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  But, whoever be holding that thing be holding one ugly sweater.”

While we were eating, one of the women from the party came up to Tammy and asked if she could judge the Ugly Sweater contest.  Tammy asked if she had to give reasons.  Oh, how I was so hoping that there would be reasons.  I even offered to talk the reasons for the judge.  But no.  This was just a winner take all gift card kind of deal.  

They were actually pretty cool about how they handled it.  They had all of the ugly sweater wearers line up for a picture and asked if Tammy could take the picture.  Then, Tammy told the lady in charge which one was the grand champion.  She picked the right one.  The lady wearing a Christmas tree from chin to waist, complete with lights HAD to win!  However, Duke and I could make a case for the chick that had 2 snowmen on her sweater.  2 snowmen with 2 carrots for noses, sticking straight out from two…Duke look away.  Tammy asked what I thought of her placings.  My reply that sometimes, for a proper evaluation, you need to handle the stock in order to verify that your eyes aren’t lying to you…..well, it didn’t go over very well.  

Speaking of winning stuff.  Congrats to Addie Schneberger on her 2nd place at the state AFR speech contest.  Just a 4th grader!!!

Sometimes, you have a crappy week or two where you just kind of stand there like a kangaroo that just got punched in the face.  Then, you have to just square up and hit back.  I know, I know.  It’s retarded.  But google it.  

We needed a good weekend around this house.  It wasn’t good.  It was great!  I hope that you all had a great one as well.  And if you need a judge of ugly sweaters…we’ve got one.  Or two.