With the open seat on the supreme court, there is a lot of clamoring over who & when the next justice should be appointed.  It is clear cut, the currently seated POTUS is in charge of selecting the next justice.  There is no reason to wait till after the election.  This should not even be a point of discussion, except for the self-serving side always looking for a way to twist policies to meet their needs.

I don’t care if the next justice is male or female, Catholic, Jewish or Baptist, white, black, asian or hispanic.  We need a fair representation of our nation.  What I would like to see is a justice that originates from middle America.  You know someplace that is not a metropolitan area.  Look at where the 8 current justices come from.

Buffalo, NY;  Savannah, GA;  San Francisco, CA;  Trenton, NY;  Bronx, NY;  New York, NY;  Washington D.C.;  and Denver, CO (I do not consider Denver as a valid representation of middle America.)

We can’t find a supreme court justice candidate from say Ohio or Texas or Wyoming?  U kidding me?

This is like never having a Texan judge a market goat show.  And there should be more Okies judging state and national shows.  Historically speaking, some of the best goat people are Okies.  Why isn’t Allan Poe, Bryan Kennedy, John Lastly or Tommy Milligan being used to judge state and national shows?  Shawn Sparks and Ricky Jack Thompson need to be used more.

All of the above are not my opinions.  I’m just right!  Have a good day!

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