Jerry Jeff Walker

I hadn’t hit this keyboard in almost two weeks till yesterday morning.  Then, I just had to mention that it wasn’t windy.  Dang!  I jinxed it as the wind came howling down the plains.  Brandon THE Bruce was the first to call me on this.  I am sorry.

I have seen Jerry Jeff Walker play live.  It was a decade or two and a half ago in Lubbock, TX.  I have always liked his song “Pissing in the Wind.”  Well, today, I thought about that song several times as I was reminded that there is an art to pissing in the wind.   You don’t want to aim into the wind.  You also don’t want to aim in the direct opposite direction as a bit of a swirling action happens and it ain’t good.  You kind of want to do a 105 degree angle kind of thing.  I apologize but you dudes know what I mean.

I had a list of stuff that HAD to be done this weekend.  First, electric fence had to be run on some wheat for Duke’s cows.  I didn’t mean for my dad to do this, but it was evident that this was a PaPa/Duke kind of thing and I stayed out of the way.  I made sure that the building materials were close.  Then I tore down the wood fence on the west side of our house.  Big THANKS to the old man for doing this.

We made it to Milligan’s and checked out these buck prospects that he sold.  There were some dang good prospects.  I made several stops and I am liking these Easy Decision kids.  They are just dang good livestock.  Proud to say that we made one as good as Easy Decision.  I have heard some rumors about some good Easy Decision kids that will sell in April.  He has had a good start but things look bright.  I laid hands on a pair of Blood Pressure kids that are wicked.

Tyke, Kenny Rogers (Old Greer) and I got back from a tour today.  Saw some good stock.  Once home, my mom showed up with some gumbo.  Beings as I have dealt with some legitimate coonasses, I questioned the contents of this gumbo.  Hey now, my mom is a wicked good cook–one of the very best.  Just ask my dad, my brothers, myself, the Dragon Lady or whoever else, this lady can flat out cook.  The Dragon Lady can school her on grilling a steak, but cooking…oooohhh man, Duke’s mimi can flat out cook it.  But gumbo?  Yes sir!  It wasn’t quite as spicy as I like it, but it would make most cajuns proud.  The roux was dang good.  Really, all it needed was some wicked good chow-chow dabbed on top of it.

On a further note, just like carpenters and plumbers, one should not pay a tree trimmer until the job is done. I didn’t want to pay him at 3:30 in the afternoon but I was already late to head to OKC.  These guys must have watched me drive off and then quit.  One more hour of work would have been perfect, but NO!  Oh well.  I do feel like I got my money’s worth.  So….

In good time I will write about OYE.  It was a wicked good stock show–all species.  I would keep writing tonight but I am going to step off the porch and take advantage of the wind laying down just a bit.

P.S.  Here’s to hoping and praying that Rick Barnthouse makes a comeback.


Have a good one and a better tomorrow.



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