J.M.M. & Twisted Sister

So, somehow tonight, the Dragon Lady, Duke and I were discussing life, other students at the HPTC and she said that she had asked a student the phrase “What do you want to do with your life?!”

I then asked Duke if he knew where that phrase came from?  “UUHH?! Sure, No, but I am really sure that you are going to tell me.?…oh how I hope that there isn’t a quiz later!”

Yes, son.  You are correct. So I showed him the 1984 Twisted Sister video of “I wanna rock!”   Neidermeyer of Animal House fame plays the blowhard teacher that asks that very question which directly leads into that classic rock song.  Remember when they actually made music videos and played them on MTV.

I’m not here to tell you that Twisted Sister was/is one of the great rock bands of all time.  However, they have several songs that are still being played by kids (some older than others) today.  They are kind of like the 80s version of the Righteous Brothers from the 60s.  Two good songs and we still like them.  There ain’t no place else that is comparing the Righteous Brothers and Twisted Sister.  But, I ain’t wrong.  It’s all good.

“I wanna rock” and “We’re Not Gonna Take It” being the main two Twisted Sister songs.   Dang, 30 years after the fact and they still get airplay, download sales AND they are still touring.  Dude, if you can make a career of it; well it must have been pretty good.

Who reads this crap?

Speaking of wanting to rock.  I watched a buck nail a doe at 5:48 am this morning.  All the signs were there.  Yes, it was single digit temps.  Said buck was wearing a marker.  I watched him in action.  Like frozen goat porn.  She was standing, ready…..very receptive. He did the head thrown back deal and she walked around with back arched.  But…..other than me standing there, with my eyelids frozen open, I have ZERO (roughly the same as the temp) proof that the action happened.  That blue crayon did not leave one skid mark on her.  I guess the marker was frozen as well.  Which leaves me to thinking that whole deal was probably kind of unpleasant.  Which NOW has me to thinking that the conditions for actual conception were not very conducive in order to have an actual birthing of a goat roughly 5 months from now.   Wait! Wait!   No drugs, no cidrs, no management, no hormones, no AI, rough sex with a frozen blue brick of a crayon in between the two, extremely inclement weather……yep, that rip is settled.  If I had planned it this way……well, no way that could work.  Welcome to the goat world.

And speaking of actual really good music and somebody that I have always liked listening to and only occasionally hear on the radio….W.I.T.H. ever happened to John Michael Montgomery!   Dang, that dude cranked some of the very best country songs ever made, in a short frame of time and then PFFFT!  Like a bank account with goats on feed…..Gone.

“Be my baby tonight”,  “I swear”, “Life’s a Dance” and my favorite of his, “Sold”.  That dude has some of the best country songs EVER.

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Butler on their recent 40th wedding anniversary.  Job well done!

Huge congrats to anybody that can stay married for numerous decades, half a century or more.  It takes effort.  I’m still trying to figure out why I’ve kept the Dragon Lady around for more than 25 years.  All I know is that she is lucky.  I think that I will close at this point as you all sit there, shaking your head and pondering W.I.T.H.  Maybe, I’ll play some J.M.M.  Can’t hurt.



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