I’ve got a headache…

The past three days have not been fun in this part of paradise.  Duke and I changed travel plans on Thursday.  We found out that one of our traveling companion’s mother was being admitted to the hospital.  Hopefully, this was the only scare for that family.  

We were running late to the TX sales, so we didn’t get to make our planned farm stops.  We did make it to FNF in time.  Huge crowd combined with big prices means that we didn’t do any damage.  I did get to check out some goats from breeders that I hadn’t had the opportunity to see before.  BW Livestock had a doe kid that was scary big backed.  I mean HULK HUGE rack and loin.  I hate female goats, but I did bid  once or twice on this one.  

Might have kept going, but the Dragon Lady was having hell at home with doe goats.  She had to get Tyler Gaisford here to pull a monster–single buck kid syndrome.  Out of a 5 year old proven doe (she might have raised the bronze wether at OYE 15).  Then another doe that was nursing twins decided that she had thiamine defeciency (1st time for us with a nursing doe).  Then, this doe somehow pushed a goat open and disappeared. (More firsts–the gate deal and disappearing doe).  The neighbors have helped look for her.  Tammy used up all of the gas in the gator and still no doe.  I’ve got nothing.  Duke and I have kept quiet about this debacle.  Especially since Tammy transplanted the twins from the B1 deficient doe to the doe that lost the monster kid.  

Duke and I also made it to Eldorado for the Texas Trophy Select sale.  Once again, didn’t get anything bought. So, we decided to head back into town to Rosa’s Casita.  But NOOO!!.  Rosa’s is now closed.  Duke and I went hit-less this weekend.  And it got worse, once we got home.  I lost a doe and kid.  

Proven does with 4 different bucks.  These does have been dry lotted on low percent grain and oat hay for the past month.  This is the problems of a small breeder.  If I ran several hundred head of does….who cares what happens to a few.  But when you run 50 dang good ones….well, it doesn’t take but a couple of trainwrecks to feel it.  There was actually more to the story this weekend.  These are just the highlights.  Trust me when I say that it got worse.  

Duke looks forward to Cooper’s, Bob Allen’s, Gallagher’s  and Roy Sander’s stuff next weekend.  However, when asked if he was coming back to TX next weekend, he replied, “I’m scared to.  Home may fall apart if I leave again.”  I fully understand.   

When people wonder why it costs so much for a good goat, they need to see how much it takes to raise a good one.  Trust me, it is easier and cheaper to buy a good one than it is to raise one.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.