It’s Wednesday, but

it feels like Tuesday, or maybe even Monday. My days are all screwed up and I am still jet lagged. Lucky for me the weather has been good here. Kela had it easy kidding out goats last week. I just ordered some replacement parts for heat lamps. If any of you are using heat lamps, then you MUST use the lamps from Premier supplies. They are by far the best heat lamps built. They are safer, the bulbs last longer and they can’t get tore up.

We did eat like fat dogs while in Phoenix. I had phenomenal burger at a Mexican restaurant. It had ancho chile sauce on it. I also had a turkey pot pie at My Mother’s. I normally wouldn’t order something like that, but it was killer good. Went to Carolina’s and waited in line to order. It was kind of like the soup nazi on Seinfeld. Wait in line, step up to order, get you number and wait. Brought home some huge tortilla’s.

We also went to the Phoenix Zoo. Lot of walking, but I highly recommend it. Really cool orangutan exhibit. We petted the sting ray’s and learned about tortoise rape from the guy that handles the Gallopagos tortoises.

No we didn’t stay for the game. A week was long enough. Chores at home, work to attend, and Duke had to get back to school. My dad, brother Jake and Swigart went to the game. It would have been a good one to attend.

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