It’s Monday

      Kind of hard getting fired up about the day, but it’s here.  Another day, another week to take on.  The temperature has started climbing back up.  Look’s like summer isn’t ready to go away yet.

     Made it back from Columbus on Friday night.  Crawled back to the store Saturday morning.  Got a few deals done Saturday afternoon, then we loaded up to go see Brooke & Bill’s new house.  Killed a rattlesnake on the road there.  Ran over it a couple of times, then got out to take a look.  Guess what?  It wasn’t dead.  Luckily, there was a rake on the back of Tyke’s pickup, which means that the snake is now dead and Tyke has a broken rake.  

    Spent Sunday trying to work on crap around here.  Dunkin and Brandon are finishing up a fencing project for me.  They are putting in a cross-fence using that goat tuff wire.  Looks like good fence.  I’ve been tearing down old cross fences.

     Duke and I managed to slip off to the creek for a little bit.  I caught the smallest bass that I have ever caught.  But a fish is a fish.