It has begun

This little vacation called OYE has begun.  I made a quick trip home to fill feeders, tend stock and reload.  The gilt and doe show is done.  Well pleased with Kaylee Holt and her reserve champion Berkshire gilt.  She put on a showmanship clinic while winning this banner.  This was also the champion bred & owned Berk gilt.  This gilt should bring a pile in the gilt sale on Tuesday night.  Congrats to the Holt family on raising another good set of pigs and even better kids.

The doe show is over.  Real pleased with Carli Word and her efforts to have the reserve division 3 doe.  This doe won one of the deepest classes of does that I’ve ever seen.  And she won that class easy.  Judge took a long time on this class then went to the mic and said, “I can move the 2nd doe to 5th and the 4th to 3rd and move several others around but at no time did I ever consider putting that 1st place doe anywhere but 1st.”  Congrats to Carli and her family and ending the senior year on a positive note.  Now, Carli & Amy can start raising some baby goats.

As I get off of here, I am leaving to venture back to OKC.  This is Duke’s last show and Tammy and I’s last show as stock show parents.  Some are not ending their careers on positive notes.  Some are sad that the end is near.  We are ending just as we started, as a family and with goals in mind and in sight.  However this week ends, it will be good.  No matter what, he gets a scholarship on Thursday night at the Grand Drive.  Who would have thought?

It is the Kelln national holiday–St. Patrick’s Day!  Behave, ( I have to) eat a blarney stone and wear some green.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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