It Happens

On occassion, it actually rains in this part of the world.  This weekend, it happened.  It started raining Saturday afternoon and kept at it until Sunday morning.  There are 2 inches in the rain gauge.  The only thing that keeps it from being a perfect rain is that it is a couple of weeks late getting here.  But, we will take it.  

And with the rain, other issues happen.  Saturday evening, I was on the couch watching some tv.  I heard a vehicle coming down our road.  Who the heck?   I looked out the window to see a little, silver 4 door Ford car heading west.  I thought to myself, “I hope that don’t try to go on west down that road.”  They did.  It is a known fact that when it is wet, that you don’t want to go west of our place as the road gets really slickery.  

I moved to a different window for a better vantage point and sure enough, some lady was now out in the mud, surveying her situation.   I went to Duke’s room, who was watching the all time great John Wayne movie, The War Wagon.  I asked if her heard that.  He said, “Yep, I bet they are stuck.”  So we grabbed some chains and put the pickup into 4 wheel drive and headed out into the rain and mud.

We got her unstuck, but it wasn’t fun.  These new cars have NO place to hook a chain.  And there dang sure isn’t any push points.  I ended up covered in mud as I had to get down low in order to get it hooked up.  It happens.

Some days just end up better than others.  There was a wedding in OKC this weekend.  And somebody’s favorite daughter flew in for it.  Tammy went to the wedding and brought Kela home for a few days until she has to head back west.  

Lots of stuff on the calendar this week.  A busy week keeps me out of trouble.