It could be worse

According to the tv news channel weather experts, most of Oklahoma was not supposed to live through Monday, May 20.  We made it. Here in paradise, we are just really wet.  Now, I have seen pics of those on the east side of the state.  No tornados but record flooding.  Not fun moving animals to higher ground all while trying to keep water out of homes and barns.

The rain started here earlier than expected.  I had meant to move a pen of 4 does with babies.  They were not getting rained on but the water was running through their shed.  Therefore, no dry ground to lie on.  I loaded these 4 does and babies into a 24′ trailer bedded on fresh cedar fiber.  I parked the trailer inside the machine shed.  Plenty of room, dry and no chance of getting wet.

That evening, I got in the trailer to feed these goats.  I pulled the side door shut and began putting out flakes of alfalfa.  One doe (and only one doe) decided that she needed to run past me to the front of the trailer.  She was now almost 20′ away from me.  She stopped looked at me, then turned, reared up and put her front paws on the top part of the side door (which was unlocked).  She fell out of the side of  the trailer.  (FFFFFFFF!!!!!!)

Now, she is in full panic mode, running frantically and bleating constantly.  I am now out of the trailer, trying to catch her, among the three pickups, a tractor, 4wheeler, tread mill, trailer, pallets of feed and mineral, as well as the pickup hooked to the trailer that she is SUPPOSED to be in…..JEEEMINY CHRISTMAS!   I hate these damn animals.  If I would of had a baseball bat in that barn with me, I probably would have tried to Carlton Fisk Louisville Slugger that damn doe.  But I didn’t

I set up numerous trap panels, utilized some empty pallets and finally got her back in the trailer.  15 minutes of my life gone because of some damn doe doing something that made no sense, whatsoever.

I’ve got a first time doe that eats WAY more than her share of pellets and alfalfa.  She also craps a lot.  She has twin buck kids and she is doing her damn best to starve them to death.  She needs a bat to the head.  But, this doe belongs to a student of mine.  So, I am putting my best foot forward trying to save these critters.  No matter what.  She will be out of the gene pool once these kids aren’t on her.  The industry has ZERO use for mothers that won’t raise babies.

I am real sure that if doe goats were humans, they would live in NYC or San Francisco.

It could be worse.

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