Is it or isn’t it?

      Is a koala a marsupial or is it a koala bear?  Bear or not?  It has all of the koalaifications to be a bear, but it isn’t a bear.  I love that.  I’m thinking about planting some Eucalyptus trees so that I can have a koala.  That probably won’t work in my little piece of paradise.  Why?  Those trees would freeze.  

      So, where do you rank these in your top 10s of cool crap?

–movie–Blues Brothers

–band–Van Halen–with or without David Lee Roth

–music hall–Gruene Hall

–4wd–International Scout

–water resort–Comal River

–car–’69 Camaro

–liquid refreshment–iced tea–unsweet

–favorite past-time–mowing a lawn–Tammy’s–NOT mine

–work–plumbing–NOT mine


     I weaned a set of kids today.  Vaccinated another set.  Moved hay.  Sorted another set of does.  Hauled a pile of great stuff to Shattuck that will be auctioned next week.  Even took a really great air conditioner stand to the auction site.  I mean, if you were looking for an A/C stand, this is the one that you would want.  Some could have it for FREE.  But if it is still there next Saturday, it will be for sale.  



Try not.  Do or do not.  There is no try. 


                                                              Jedi Master