It doesn’t matter where you live or what you are doing, there are different classes of people.  This isn’t meant to bash anybody and it dang sure isn’t a racism topic.  It is just an observation that irregardless of where you live or what you are doing there are differences of people.  And these differences are consistent.

FOR example– fund raisers.  This is NOT aimed at anybody.  But I am right.  And if the shoe fits, wear it.

–There are a few that don’t need the fund raiser for their own kid’s projects, but they do everything that they can to make it work.  They put in time, effort and their own money and equipment to make it work.  This group also accounts for about 98% of funds raised but receive the same as the rest.  Very small percent.

–Those that can not be there because of job related stuff but will donate and do what they can.  Small percentage.

–There are a few that can’t/forgot (always) but if a personal call is made, they will do whatever–will write a check, donate items, “oh crap, I’ve got a hand headed to help”.

–There are also those that have an actual excuse (such as a job that interferes) but will then use the excuse that they didn’t know.  But, they liked the Facebook post.  Or my kid didn’t tell me or…. Now, the percentage is growing.

–Then there are those that don’t do a dang thing. But gripe about it in the end.  HUGE majority. They may also gripe about the first set that actually did 99% of the work.

–And then there are those that don’t do, care or give a rat’s ass about any of it.  Bigger percentage than it should be.  If they have an opinion, it will be against the people that did the most.

Now, if you compared these percentages to how the USA votes….dang!  I bet it is very similar.


I’ve worked in numerous towns, school districts, counties, etc.  over several decades.  It hasn’t changed.  I look at the OK goat industry.  ZERO change from 2005 to now.  A few gather, a few spend and the rest don’t do crap until it is their turn to complain after Tulsa or OYE premium sales.

And there are several of us that are starting to weaken in our support.  I would be WAY better off to just buy Duke at a premium sale than I would to spend what I already spend/donate.  Others are the same way.  I shouldn’t name names, and I am NOT saying that this guy has these thoughts.  I am just pointing out a fact that some people have done a lot and are about to run out of reasons to continue.

Random thoughts on a random night.  John Stottlemeyre is very close to his last kid finishing a successful career.  This guy and his family has donated, bought, donated, and still helps others.  Lots of big goat and sheep banners at their home.  They work at this game and they back the game that they are playing.   But the majority should be worried about what happens when players like this are done.  A guy like this wants to win them all, but also knows that it can’t be done, but it won’t stop them from trying.  This isn’t a money deal.  It is a WANT TO deal.  He has donated items to the Okie Coalition sales.  Then bought items from the Okie Coaliton sales.  He isn’t a breeder or seller of show goats. But….he is in that small percentage.  He is not a customer of mine.  But, as a fellow competitor, there is respect to be shared.  I am not the only one that realizes what he has done for the OK goat show program.

THANK YOU to the ones that drive fund raisers.  It only takes a few to make things work, but it gets way good when there are more than a few.  Step up!

Don’t wait to be asked to help.  Ask what you can do.  It isn’t about how much money or time, it’s about you making the time or finding a few bucks.  A few can add up to a bunch.

I’m done but I’m not.  I’ve got lots of thoughts, facts and examples on this topic.


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