Is there a more hated thing to write a check for than insurance?  I’m trying to redo insurance on our house, but it’s hard to get a price unless they also get your auto insurance.  But some companies don’t really want me on their insurance as I got a well-publicized driving award a few years back.  Somebody backed into my pickup and messed up a quarter panel, bumper and in turn the tailgate.  I’m trying to decide whether to turn it into insurance or just pay for the repairs.  Why have insurance if you don’t want to use it when it is warranted?  Doesn’t make much sense.

     I have insurance on the house and barns.  Insurance on all of the vehicles.  Insurance on the gator.  Insurance on the tractor.  Health insurance.  Life insurance on all four of us.  Cancer insurance.  I even have a goat insured at this time.  That all adds up to an ass load of money that I send to various insurance companies. 

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