You have to have it?  You don’t want to write the check but you know you need it.   It’s the law to have it for a vehicle collision.  There are some effed up laws that deal with health insurance.  Life insurance?  Who? Me?

Judging from tv commercials, either these insurance companies are making a crap-pile of cash OR it is a very competitive market-place and hyper-productive advertising is a needed must.  Think about it.  Every fourth commercial is some kind of insurance.   The other commercials are some kind of pop/fast food/beer or some kind of drug with a long list of side effects or hard on pills.

progressive–Flo–yes, we all know these commercials

Aflac–a duck.  Yes, a duck.  But you know it.

Allstate–mayhem.  Yep, that dude from Law & Order: SVU.

LiMu–maybe the worst commercials, YET I know who has the retarded emu with the dude with bad sunglasses and a bad mustache.  It’s like they came to the party late but are making up for it and somehow, we all know their commercials.  2#A5efgb v

GEICO–that damn british sounding gecko.  It makes ZERO sense but we all know that lizard.   A talking lizard seems plausible but one with an old English accent?!???  Check out what geico stands for.  Google it.

State Farm–Jake from State Farm

Nationwide–Peyton Manning & Brad Paisley

The General–Shaq and some crapy cartoon general character

Farmer’s Insurance–That psychiatrist dude (Skoda)   from Law & Order that “Knows a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

Blue Cross/Blue Shield–so many people have them for health insurance that they don’t have to have a decent ad slogan.

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