A common question is: How do I get my goat to have a bigger top?

The first answer is genetics. There is a fairly limited genetic base that handles with a square rack and a wide loin. A purebred wether will probably not ever have the type of top shape that most judges are looking for. When buying a wether, learn what to handle for in terms of top shape. That is the easiest way to have a goat with a big top. It probably won’t be the cheapest, but definitely the best. Some genetics take longer to mature. Talk to the breeder and find out when the goats should look their best. If they don’t know, find a different breeder. Even though an animal has the genetics to get top shape, sometimes, it doesn’t happen.

Is there any feed additives that will make their top bigger? Legally, no. There are several things out there, but none of them will improve muscle mass to a large degree. Feed additives like grand goat will not work miracles, but there may be a little bit of a “pop” from it.

Will exercise make my goat heavier muscled? To a certain extent yes. But it still has to be there genetically and phenotypically. Exercise will harden one and make their muscle more expressive.

Clean water, a proper feed ration and a daily exercise program will help promote muscle growth and maximize genetic potential.

Showmanship is very critical in terms of top shape. Whether showng on the chain or the brace, a good showman will improve placing. Know how to set the goat for looking at the profile. Also, know how to set the animal for when the judge is going to handle him. They aren’t always the same. Head and neck back combined with shortening their body up will make one handle wider. Yes, it may make their loin handle shorter, but that is the trade off. A good brace, either on the chain or not, will greatly improve an animals chances of handling with some muscle. Likewise, poor showmanship can make a heavy muscled goat handle like a common turd.


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