Important Info

     It doesn’t happen very often, maybe 6-8 times a year, but I will make time to eat some cereal.  Not just any cereal, but Cocoa Puffs.  I don’t use a bowl to eat cocoa puffs.  I use a cooking pan.  Yeah, one with a handle on it.  It has to be big enough to hold a 1/2 box of cocoa puffs.  I then soak it in milk.  Then it sits and soaks for up to 20 minutes.  This soaking softens the puffs plus it turns the milk into pure chocolate milk.  I will stir the cereal several times before it is ready.  This makes sure that the puffs on top get dunked and soaked in milk.  A simple taste test will verify when it is ready to eat.  

        I have noticed that this cereal tastes better when there is nobody else at home and there is an episode of Law & Order on the tube.  Once the cereal is eaten, I drink the milk.  Then, I put the spoon and the pan in the sink.  All done.  The only problem is that I deal with a little bit of a lactose intolerance problem.  So, that much milk can lead to some gastric discomforts.  But dang, I like eating a pan of cocoa puffs and milk.  

     Speaking of gastric problems.  I think every goat feeder should have sulfa boluses, liquid Albon, oxy-tet calf scour pills and maybe some spectam scour-halt on hand in order to put a quick stop to any case of the runs.  It is best to get the runs stopped immediately.  It is amazing at how quick a goat can change for the worse when the get the shits and how long it takes to get them looking good again once healed.  It is an inverse ratio.  Gets the shits and crashes overnight–takes two weeks to get them looking good again.  1 day crash/14 day rebound.  

     It is a beautiful Sunday.  Saturday was absolutely miserable.  The wind blew 35-50 miles per hour all day long.  We already needed a rain, but this miserable wind has dried us way out.  The best thing about saturday was the Pokes beat the longhorns in Austin.  I didn’t think OSU would win 9 games this year.  I guess that’s why I’m not on ESPN prognasticating football scores.