If you make a fruit salad and put grapes in it, the grapes always taste like grapes.  They don’t take on the flavor of strawberries, cherries or even the dreaded grapefruit.  Basically, the grapes are impervious to the other fruits.  

Likewise, if you make a chex party mix, the pretzels always taste like pretzels.  They don’t take on the worcestershire sauce or the cayenne pepper. They stay pretzels.  Once again, the word impervious comes to mind.  Personally, I like a home-made chex mix.  The home-made chex mixes are way better than the store bought bagged crap.  The bagged “chex mix’ tastes like a generic home-made chex mix that won’t offend anybody.   I have had some very, very good home-made chex mixes.  I like a chex mix that has lots of chex, lots of nuts, lots of flavor and I can live without the pretzels and bread sticks.  Granted, these items add to the visual presentation, but do not accentuate the flavor of the mix.  I may be wrong, but I think that pretzels and bread sticks add to the production costs of making a chex mix, yet they do not add to the over-all quality of the mix.  

        I do not know why I have fruit salad or chex mix on my brain on this wonderful evening.  I ate tacos for supper.  No rhyme-no reason.  I cannot explain what that has to do with chex mix or fruit salad or for that matter a blog on a goat page.  Unfortunately for you, the reader, you too are now thinking about what kind of chex mix is best.