I had plans on writing a really nifty piece of knowledge.  But, then, I made the mistake of clicking on a website that had a video of some chick that tricked Alex Trebeck, as in the long-time Jeaporday host, into reading the words “Turd Ferguson”.  Between the watching and the laughing, I lost the knowledge.  Yes, I admit that I can be immature.  But, Duke and I like to watch the SNL greatest hits of Will Ferrell and that sketch that had Ferrell as Trebeck, a fake Sean Connery and  Norm Macdonald as Burt Reynolds/Turd Ferguson always makes me life.  

       If we can’t laugh, well, then we have a problem.  Make sure that you laugh more than you complalin.  If you don’t?  Well, that would mean that you are doing it wrong!