I’m back and I’m right!

That is a statement that I like hearing.  This worthwhile bit of reading will involve a whole bunch of stuff that all leads back to “I’m right.”  I may not be completely right but it will be hard to argue.

Listening to the XM radio this evening and a song came on from a country band.  I listened to it and then changed stations.  The same band was on with a different song from a different decade.  DANG DUDES!  Is Alabama the greatest country band of all time?  I say hells yeah!  I have never seen them in concert but those cats could play for 3 hours and every song be a top 3 hit.  Years ago, I met the Randy Owen at a national polled hereford show.  Dude was just like anybody else that was there.  Regular guy that liked good livestock and hoped his daughter did well at the show.  No flash.  Just cool.  I don’t have many regrets but I would like to see them in concert.

Best television series of all time is Law & Order: SVU.  I like the original but the SVU series is better.  They are getting ready to debut the 21 season of this series.  And a lot of the original characters are still there.  One in particular–Mariska Hargitay.  I will argue that she is the best TV actress of all-time.  If you want to argue, well, then you would be wrong.  Some ass clown will text me that Jennifer Aniston is the best.  Smoking hot!  Yes.  But, she has been more of a movie star since Friends ended.  Mariska is 21 years into a TV series.  I’m right!   If you don’t already know, google Mariska Hargitay’s mother.  She was kind of a big deal in her own right.

Goat feeds.  It does not matter what you feed, it is how you feed it.  I’ve dealt with several high profile feed companies over the years.  I’ve also had my own label.  It is a kind-of-not-for-profit deal but I get what I want at a fair price.  I’ve done numerous feed trials with several state universities.  Results are always the same.  You need clean, clear water.  Salt blocks.  At least 2 days per week of high roughage grass hay and goats will always eat more being limit fed than compared to a self feeder.  I’m right.  I don’t care what color of bag of feed that you are using.  I can teach you how to feed properly.  AND most additives are NOT needed.  Sound, proper, BASIC nutrition still always applies.  We all want that magic feed additive and legally speaking, it still doesn’t exist.  Good genetics, proper nutrition and a well balanced exercise program will go a long way.  Ask your expert.  They can’t argue.  But they will push you to buy the newest snake oil that they get a kick-back from.  I’m right and we ALL know it.  But, I too have been guilty of trying an additive or three, just in case.

Greatest American rock band of all time is…..well, I like Metallica and Motley Crue and will not argue if you bring up Lynyrd Skynyrd  but this title has to go to Aerosmith.  I saw them in 1990 and they put on a wicked, bad donkey show.  They were fresh out of rehab at that time.  Duke saw them in Vegas this summer–29 years later.  They only had one #1 hit but they had SO, SO many bad ass tunes.  I like “Back in the Saddle”.  “Dream On ” is iconic.  “Sweet Emotion”  is a classic that still holds its own with today’s kids.

I recently heard a story about the cool tune “Dude looks like a lady”.  How bad ass is that song?  First, it was a hit.  Two, you know the song, almost 30 years later.  Three, Robin Williams used it in Mrs. Doubtfire.  And four–they wrote that song, then changed it to “Cruising for the ladies”.  A producer said that was too common.  They then told why they wrote the original, “Dude looks like a lady”.  They were in a bar and there was a smoking hot blonde at the end of the bar.  Big, 80’s hair.  Then, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry realized that it was a lead singer from a different band.  It was Vince Neil from the Crue.  Dude looked like a lady.  Great song.  Best ever?  Nope.

I like “Walk this Way.”  I still use the stupid, dad kind of line when walking kids through the shop for a safety test.  “Let’s all make like Aerosmith and Walk This Way.”  And according to Duke and Alex, that is the song that they are closing their 2019 shows.

I like selling private treaty.  It is funner to match a goat to a showman.  I am sure that I have left money on the table but I like what we have done thus far.  We will see how it works out this spring.

I don’t care what state you are in.  Follow genetics, don’t follow banners. Learn the genetics and the feed that is available in your area.  Learn how the genetics fit your program and then pursue that course.  It is not about a name, a jock or a judge (it can be but shouldn’t be)  I’m right and I know it.

One of the coolest names ever in a movie is:   Larvell Jones.  Monsignor Larvell Jones.  Monsignor Larvell Jones M.D.  And if you know that off the top of your head, I will call B.S.  Kratzer don’t you dare google that crap and text me like you knew the right answer.  The movie came out in 1984, yes, the year that George Orwell wrote a book about.  But, trust me, there wasn’t much thought put into this movie.  But I liked it.  So did a bunch of other people.  So many that they made 7, yes, SEVEN movies.  I’ve only seen 3 of them.  And this guy was in all 7 movies.  Once you clowns google it, you will be like, “Oh yeah!  I know that dude.”


PS (officially I am done writing as the word count for all of the above is reading 999.  That is awfully cool.  I actually typed something else but the spell check changed it to “awfully” cool.  I’m right but I will leave it.

Most under-rated artists of all time.  Huey Lewis & the News.  Restless Heart.  John Michael Montgomery.  Heart.

I’m right and I know it.  If I wasn’t right, I wouldn’t be typing this crap and I would be reading your blog instead.


Coming soon:  good livestock people.


Hee Haw!!   One of the coolest shows EVER!   We need to do this life deal and have fun doing it.  Thank GOD for what we’ve got.  For the most part, we are all better off than the rest of the world.  It could always be worse.  Shamrocks and Horseshoes.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  I’m going to and……..I’m right.



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