I’m back!!

I went, saw and am now back home.  Cool deal.  Glad I did it.

I flew out of OKC on Saturday.  Made it to the always popular Atlanta airport.  Ate a common-as-hell french dip sandwich at the TGIF.  Then, I caught a plane to Columbia, SC.  Wasn’t the most comfortable flight that I have ever been on.  But, I was only able to use about 5/8 of MY seat.  Why?  The lady with the window seat was about 2 1/2 axe handles wide.  I was stuck in the middle seat.  I was polite and she was as well.  She knew that her ass was taking up more than one seat.

And, the stewardess knew as well.  “Make sure you are buckled up.”  She looked, acknowledged and moved to the next aisle without making me buckle up.

I did have big fun cruising around with 3 different Uber drivers.  One, a retired Army vet.  One, a retired electric coop worker.  And one, a dude in between jobs, so he is doing this Uber deal.  Compared to the taxi that I hired at the airport, this Uber deal is the way to go.  You that know me understand that I had good conversations with these drivers.

I am glad that I went to judge the South Carolina State Fair goat show.  At first, I was like, I need to be in KC.  But Duke wasn’t going to be showing there.  And I had never been to South Carolina.  Hunh!?

There are good goats being shown in South Carolina.   While talking to people after the show, there were good goats from TX, OK, GA, IL, OH and  yes, South Carolina.  The bottom end of goats was BETTER than the bottom end of goats being shown in Oklahoma or Texas.  The top end was good.  How good?  There were several wethers that could be OYE or San Antonio premium sale qualifiers.  There were several really good doe kids.  Showmanship was good.    Hospitality was GREAT!   Every showman shook the judges hand.  And some of these kids brought the handshake.  And I did have a goat try to eat my tie.   Very first class of the day.

I did check my list of southern to-do things.  I did drink a glass of sweet tea.  (by accident, but I didn’t complain.)  I did eat at a Waffle House.  And I was seated VERY near the phone when it rang.  I just needed to lean forward and grab it.  I was swallowing some hash browns or I would have answered it.

The lady behind the counter, looked at me and said, “If you sit in that seat then you need to answer the phone.”

I looked at her and said, “Woman, you don’t know how bad I wanted to finish this mouthful of hash browns and answer that phone.”  She laughed as she held the phone receiver, answered, took a to-go order, hung up and said, “I’m glad to see somebody wants to work for their breakfast.”   She and I were both hoping that the phone would ring again while I was still seated there.  No luck.

I did walk the midway of the South Carolina State Fair.  Here’s what I learned.  Their midway looks like every other state fair.  Except for the 18″ long corn dogs.  And the elephant ears.  WTH?  I had never heard of elephant ears as an edible. But, it is basically a big funnel cake.

I enjoyed seeing good goats and meeting even better people.  I like judging shows but I also like attending shows.  I NEEDED to go to KC to meet up with an old fart from Nebraska to pick up a wether.  I had a pair of numb-nuts pick up the wether AND they bought another wether.  Guess what?  I still need a wether for a kid because the numb-nuts bought both and don’t want to part with either.  It’s all good.

At the rate that Duke and I are going this year, I just need to go judge another show or two and he needs to show doe kids.  Restless Heart just sparked up the iTunes.  I could listen to that group for a day or two.

How to tell if Kelln won the big lottery.

Free concert in the middle of a pasture in NW OK or the TX panhandle–Cooper’s BBQ out of Llano, Tx is catering to everyone.  FREE to all.  Cheap Trick opens for what’s left of AC/DC, then Def Leppard takes the stage and plays a set, Tesla then rocks out until they introduce THE George Strait, who only plays 27 great hits before he brings the ENTIRE original crew of Guns N Roses to the stage who then melt speakers for an hour or two AND then they introduce Restless Heart.  Contrast?  I think not.  All great music.  They then bring Adele to the stage-who only sings 4 songs.  But she cusses more than GNR.  And nobody argues if she is bad ass.  Then LL Cool J and Eminem bust a rap while waiting on Jimmy Buffet to close out the concert.  He is only supposed to play 3 songs but he and the Coral Reefers decide that they can play a bit longer.  Two hours longer.  The crowd is stoked or smoked.  So then, Mark Chesnutt shows up and plays a song or three with them.  Then, Eddie Van Halen and Sammy Hagar decide to team up with KISS and Areosmith to play some now new original tunes.  And Run DMC does a ditty with Aerosmith.  Then Duke tells me to Walk This Way.

I would have pissed away almost a billion dollars to make this concert happen.  But, guess what?  If I have the rights to it, the filming, live DVD, goats dancing on stage, downloads, etc.

I now sit here at the keyboard, thinking about goats. Damn goats!   Kela & her friends talked me into showing them back in 2003.  Kela is now working in Hollywood and I’m still dealing with goats.  I just got back from South Carolina and the Dragon Lady is headed to California.  I think that I will just sit here, shake my head and not look at any pig online sales tonight.  Too late.  I just bought a pair.

Good luck and I hope one of you goat addicted people won the big lottery tonight.  Horseshoes & shamrocks.


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