Ice Pick

There once was a cool Maine bull called Ice Pick.  I had a good bull sired by him and out of a Pistol Pete cow.  That dude sired breed champion steers & heifers at Woodward and Enid District as well as class winning steers & heifers at OKC and Houston.  Good bull.  We called him Bull Durham.  Great movie.

This weekend, I spent a lot of time helping students prep, primer and paint. I would rather stab myself in the eye with an ice pick then have to paint.  I make a mess.  We don’t have a proper paint space.


And tonight, I am having to use google drive.  I would rather stab myself in the scrotum with an ice pick than have to use this program.  Sure, there are some cool features.  But some simple tasks are more complicated and therefore time consuming.

Was it the movie “Basic Instinct” that involved a murder with an ice pick?  I remember some parts of that movie better than others.

I remember watching the middle brother use an ice pick to stab holes in a Mason jar lid.  He was making air holes for a praying mantis.  He stabbed himself in the hand.  At that age, it was scary but cool.

And it was windy today.  While outside, everything sounded like I had an ice pick shoved through my ear drum.

After the past few days, we are now down to single digit doe #s.  Chores are kind of easy.  Lately, I haven’t wanted to stab a doe with an ice pick.

Got a cool text from a customer that said, “We got our billy tonight.  One of the few animals that we have bought online that look much better than we expected.”  I feel comfortable saying that I won’t get stabbed with an ice pick by that customer.  Thanks.

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