Ice Cream

    I love ice cream.  Unfortunately, I have this little lactose intolerance problem.  But, I still eat the stuff.  I just have to be strategic about it.  In this part of the world, we have Braum’s.  They are an Oklahoma chain that makes creamy smooth ice cream as well as good burgers.  They have two big farms–one by Tutle and one west of Shattuck.  I used to sell them a pile of equipment, parts and they are always in need of a mechanic or three.  

     This afternoon, I had to go back to the eye doctor.  I had gotten new glasses about a month ago.  They seemed fine at first, but things were starting to not look right.  They tested my lenses and sure enough, the right one was not the right prescription.  Lucky for me, I still had my old bent, scratched up glasses to get me through a week or so.  

     Upon leaving the eye doctor, I noticed the thermometer was reading 101.  I was headed to paradise, so this seemed like a good time to stop and get some ice cream.  I bounced into Braum’s and headed right up to ice cream counter.  A very pleasant woman greeted me and asked me what she could get for me.  I needed to think about it as I leaned over the counter and looked at every box of ice cream in the cooler.  She said to make it interesting as we have some really neat new sundaes.  I ended up going old school as I ordered two scoops of chocolate chip….on a cone.  

      While she was scooping my ice cream, I went and bought a box of lime sherbet.  I hadn’t had any of that in a long time, so I thought that I would take a box home.  I strolled back to the counter and she handed me my cone.  HOLY two scoops!  These scoops were huge.  She and I discussed the merits of lime sherbet as she rang me up.  I paid and headed to the pickup. 

      Remember that strategy.  Since it was hot outside, I left the pickup running.  I normally won’t do this, but I felt safe on a hot Tuesday afternoon.  Plus, I didn’t have to dig for keys, unlock, start and wait on the A/C to go to work.  I piled in the already cool pickup and went to enjoying my 3 pound cone loaded with lactose.  I don’t hardly ever text while driving, but I’m pretty sure that eating a cone while driving may be just a tick distracting.  I drove straight to the house.  No stops till we were in safe distance of the throne.

      The ice cream was enjoyable.  It was also enjoyable being waited on by a person who at least acted like they liked their job.  Have a good day, a better tomorrow and if don’t be afraid to stop and get an ice cream cone.