I remember

No, really, I do remember hearing old people say “Life gets faster as you get older.”  I also remember thinking, “What? They are old.”

And now—–JEEEEMINY CHRISTMAS, this is all moving SOOOOOOOOO fast!  I remember turning 21 like it was yesterday.  Now, I’m not sure how old I am without thinking about it.

Dude(s), I can remember the good critters that I showed to so-and-so but that was actually 15 years ago.

I recently used a line with some kids–“My first year out of college, the señor (I actually typed senior but the stuck I changed it to señor.  I like it!)  Anyways, the senior class had a cake raffle.”  One of the seniors asked, “What year was that?”  I said “1993.”  One of them groaned and said, “That was like 7 years before I was born.”  Thanks, smart ass!  My daughter was already 3.

It isn’t just that I am getting old but I am not a slick, well cared for machine.  Too many stock shows, too many miles, a few bad decisions and a not-exactly-healthy lifestyle have contributed to me being old and getting older.  Although, no tobacco since 1991 helped me get a cheaper rate on life insurance.

Here’s to too many irons in the fire, doing it right, listening to Elvis, wondering who-the-hell even likes cardi b, play some Tone Loc, enjoying the moment, trying to remember what the moment was and happy about all of it.  Keep calm, don’t be skint and be excellent to each other.

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