I know

Yes, I know that it has been several days since I hit the keyboard.  To be honest, I’ve been asleep.  For the past thirty years, I have been running on little to no sleep.  I’m used to it.  Now, I have to deal with some medical type deals and wham!!   Heck, I’ve been sleeping at night–all night.  I’ve had to take naps.  I ain’t used to this and it is kicking my donkey.  They tell me that it will balance out.

The chiropractor and the Dragon Lady are convinced that my driving lots of miles and how I sit while driving are the cause of some of my problems.  Therefore, I have kind of had my driving privileges suspended.  They are probably right.

We now have two sales posted on  The My Turn kids are pretty cool.  I like this pair of buck/wether prospects.  The yearling bucks are up.  Call with questions.

Every March and April, I am amazed at how many bulls are sold in NW Oklahoma.  Many of them for good money.  We have enjoyed selling yearling bucks in April for several years now.  Judging by the internet banner ads, it looks like several more have joined in.  It is the time of year to be buying bucks.  Every breeder, no matter how large of a herd, is always looking for that “next” buck.  It is a never ending circle.  Some are looking for THE buck, others are looking for the right buck for their herd while others are just looking for the best one at a certain price point. Everyone of us is looking for a bargain and most will miss the bargain.

We have finally started kidding.  Some AI babies have hit the ground.  Several more are now due.


Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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