I bet

     Yep, I am not afraid to bet.  I’ve lost some, but I’ve won more.  I don’t like betting on a video machine in a casino.  Craps table, okay.  Horse racing, you bet.  Buying stock show animals–all in.  But, I have been wrong.  And I will be again.

     I did make a wager on this fine evening and I bet that I am right.  I will let you know by next week as to the results of this friendly wager.  No money will change hands, just a dinner and lodging.  It’s a win.  

     I’ll bet that I am not the only one that does NOT like getting a text message question from some damn # that you have never seen!  There needs to be a class before you are allowed to text that you AT LEAST acknowledge yourself before you send a message.  Some questions don’t need answered until I know who is asking.  It is just common decency.  I bet that I get pissy dealing with texts from unkowns and I’m just a low rent, small-time breeder.  I can’t imagine how many Unidentified Text ?s that Helms, Pfeiffer, Gallagher, Hummel or Mock get.  


UT?s–You gat doe 4 sale?

Me–What age?


Me–Probably not


Me–Use spell check


Me–Who is this?  

UT?s–Sorry, (insert first name)  Need 2 does to show–400


UT?s–Who would have some?

Me–Not me


I bet that I didn’t miss out on a sale.  And if I did, I bet that I am fine with that missed opportunity.  I bet that the temps are going to start climbing.  I bet that tomorrow is better than today.  I bet…