I bet

I bet that my day was a bit different from yours.  Why?  We harvested hemp seed.  No…No…No….not the stuff that you smoke but some actual native Oklahoma hemp.  It was tested.  It tested LOW in THC–.23.  Smoke it and you will get a headache…that’s it.  As compared to the “good” strains that are 20 to nearing 30% THC.   This stuff tested high in fiber and fairly high in oils.  Those are the two traits that are important to industrial hemp.

The landowner was there.  A lawyer was there.  Other farmers were present.  The seeds were taken to a college.  These seeds were verified OK native hemp.  They are to be cross-pollinated with another harvest from a couple of counties east of us.  The resulting crop will be OK heritage seed to start the industrial hemp crop in Oklahoma.

There are quite a few legalities regarding hemp production.  Shouldn’t be but there is.  If it tests high in THC, well then, it is used for smoking.  If it is high in fiber or CBD oils, there are lots of other uses.  The USA uses most of the world’s supply of industrial hemp.  BUT, we import it.  Why?  Lobbyists? Big politics?  Fear?  IDK.  Sounds like collusion to me.

I’ve never smoked a joint.  Been in a place or two where it was prevalent.  I’ve never harvested hemp seed till today.  Here is my take on this plant as a viable crop for Oklahoma.

If somebody wants to spark a doobie, do it on your own place and own time.  Hemp and marijuana are related but not the same.  This crop will grow without cultivation, it is drought resistant, provides fiber and oil and as I noticed today—looks to be impervious to grasshoppers.  Looks to me like this crop fits NW OK.  ( Dang people, the grasshoppers have been in record #s this year)  Due to the indeterminate plant type, harvesting may be an issue.  The seed doesn’t mature at the same time.

Do some research on the industrial hemp crop.  Our founding fathers grew the stuff.  Now, we import it.  Why not grow it?

I was asked if it smelled like “weed”.  My reply—The odor in my nose makes me think that I just attended a good concert, but I do not have the desire to go buy 24 (1$) cheeseburgers from McDonalds and then eat them.

And Rumour Has It, (like that) if you feed this stuff to goats, they won’t have worms.  IDK if that is true or not but I do NOW know where some plants are located.  Actually, as stemmy, crappy leaved and nasty as hemp plants are….they should be prime goat grazing.


I feel like there should be a Cheech & Chong quote but none seem applicable.  So, just go do some light reading about the industrial hemp crop and feel satisfied that you learned more here than you did while watching any of those major news feed disposal units.  And if you know for sure that this hemp is a natural de-wormer, let us know.


P.S.  I do find irony in the fact that as I am getting ready to hit the PUBLISH button, I am holding and eating out of a bag of doritos.  (actually quite a common occurence, but ironic on this night)


Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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