I did NO physical labor between the hours of 7 am and 5 pm.  Yet, my donkey was dragging.  Today was the first day of school.  THANK YOU LORD!!   It is amazin’ how tiring it is to stand in front of people all day, and talk.  It will flat wear you out.  It was a good day but I am going to have to work myself into standing and talking shape.  Fortunately, I am in working in the shop shape.  So, as soon as some upperclassmen pass a shop safety test, we will go to work.  We just won’t be doing what they want to do.  Back to basics.  Hunh?!?!   They will be pleased!

Kids will be kids.  It was interesting to listen to a class talk about picking homecoming t-shirt slogans during class meetings.  A junior boy wanted the slogan “Junior Lives Matter”.  The adults in the room said, “No.”  Wise move.  Although, it is common for the kids to use a spin of current slogans/ads/songs for these shirts.  Yet, this class of kids consisted of a couple of average caucasians, some redneck white kids, a hispanic or two and a couple of mixed race (dare we say, part black kids).  All good kids.  I enjoyed the fact that they could openly talk and joke about this.  Let’s be real.  The current situation is going to be a part of this generation’s history.  Right or wrong.  It is here.  Well, until somebody decides to erase the history books.  Hunh?!?!

One of the girls in this class recently returned from a family visit in Oregon.  She allowed that the deal in Portland is every bit as bad as what we see on tv.  I don’t know?  Just all kind of makes one go “hunhh?”  Why is this happening?  What good is it doing?

For Ellis County, this was a diverse class of students.  They discussed, joked and talked about all of the stuff that has happened since we last had school in March.  Not one argument.  Yes, they even talked politics.  Some of these students will vote in this next election.  Hunh!?!

On a different note, and not necessarily a goat note—the biggest RICHARD move in the online bidding world, is that Pr!c$ that waits until the last minute to bid.  DAMN!  Just bid, you don’t need 4+minutes to make up your mind.  Pretend you are at a Pfeiffer wether sale and Steve Bonham is on the block–you don’t have 4 seconds to make up your mind.  Wait 4 minutes and they have sold 6 more lots.  I’m just saying ….. and I’m right!   Once in extended bidding time, move the time to 2 minutes.  Get on with it!  In the words of Donnie Baker—“State Law!!”