Hump Day

It is wednesday morning which means it is hump day of the week.  But it is also the day that we get over the hump of this frozen stuff….at least for this week.  Tuesday morning, we didn’t have a temperature as it was ZERO.  This morning, a bit warmer as it was 5.  At least it hasn’t been windy.

Checking does this morning revealed a truth that I was kind of expecting.  At least one doe in heat which means that our last AI program was NOT 100%.  There’s a surprise.  I’m pretty sure that I am jinxed when it comes to advanced goat reproduction.  But, I would like to think that the luck would eventually change.  I’m sure that my attitude towards the lack of success and the dealing with doe goats has not helped.  And there has dang sure been nothing to improve my attitude towards either.

I cooked a little dish with taters, corn, etc. seasoned and boiled.  Then I added a cracked black pepper venison sausage.  Pretty good mixture.  Duke had his deer processed into this sausage and summer sausage.  They did a really good job.

Stay warm.

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