Hump Day

     Wednesday morning.  Hump day is here.  Not only does it feel like we are getting over the hump for the week, this almost feels like the hump for the school year.  Very few contests left this year.  One speech contest is left–state.  State CDEs and State Agriscience are this weekend.  That just leaves the State FFA Convention next week.  The year is nearing the end.

     The district speech contest was last night.  Our kids did good, but could have been better.  Although one of them did very, very well.  Extremely good competition.  Hats off to all of the ag teachers and parents that help these kids succeed at a true life skill that they will use, time and time again.  Tammy and Kela both judged at this contest.  This was Kela’s first time to judge, but as she has a state championship title to her credit, I think that she is qualified.  I don’t know if Duke will ever win a big one, but he does give speeches and does a nice job.  He is not scared to get up in front of people and talk.  That is the main goal.  Of course, we like hardware when you can get it.

     Hitting the road this morning.  Hope the trip is worthwhile.  Have a good day.  And slide on over the hump.