Hump Day

     I’m glad that this fine Wednesday is nearing an end.  It actually started last night when we lost power around 9 pm.  The juice came back on about 2:44 am.  This and the weather radio that went to blaring at 2:44 am woke me up.  So much for actually sleeping a whole night.  I went to the barn and moved the pickup inside.  Piles of wind and very little rain.  

      I was buried under at work.  Got there early, left late, no lunch, not even a glass of tea.  I am beginning to collect mechanics like I do hay.  You can’t get enough of either.  I have the most techs that have ever worked at Woodward at one time…and I still need more.  I recently did my best job of selling.  As a result, I am adding an experienced shop foreman that I have tried to hire for several years.  And I am also adding a salesman that is a former top-shelf John Deere mechanic.  I stole both of them from the oilfield.  I’m pumped about these acquistions.  Any time you can add experience, knowledge and work ethic, then you do it.  I’m ready for Monday when they both start.

     As busy as I can get at work, I would expect some more sales with no pictures.  Or there will be a bunch of Sunday afternoon private treaty sales.  I just don’t have time.  

     Headed home from work and drove into a wicked wind, rain, lightning and hail storm.  I was caught in the nether regions not close to any structures.  I decided to drive through it.  Two miles later, I was out of it.  I got to the house and the same storm had passed through.  Broken tree limbs and only 1/10″ of rain.  But it came sideways.  

     The Dragon Lady had already done chores for me and grilled a killer good ribeye.  I ate and then went to the barn to weld some panels.  Since, it was already a crappy day, I decided to write bill checks.  That is always fun.  

     Well, I think I will check out the chive for some Hump Day pictures and eat a bowl of Schwan’s ice cream.  I love ice cream.  It’s just to bad that I am lactose intolerant.