It was 87 degrees just 48 hrs ago. Now it is nearing freezing and the wind is howling like an old-time movie, gut-shot Comanche.  (If I offended anybody with that last statement, click to a different website.)  And it is still dry here in paradise.  Huhnh!  At least it is finally getting cold enough to stop these flies.  There are always some positives.  At least that is what I have been told.  

I clicked on the blog from the other night and re-read it.  Somehow, the last paragraph was butchered.  Huhnh!  Computers.  Oh well, it just kind of makes me look like the dumb donkey that I can be.  Get me that trophy.  

Speaking on things that make you go hunh?!    Without a doubt, Texas is the capitol of the goat industry.  Likewise, there are no arguments that a LOT of the best TX bred goats come to Oklahoma and that the Okies also raise a pile of champion wethers.  I’ve been to the Houston, Denver, Phoenix, Tulsa and Kansas City shows.  It takes a wicked good one to win any one of those.  But, the quality is not always real deep.  I don’t mean this bad.  If you hang a banner at one of these shows, you’ve got a dang good goat.  However, OYE and San Antonio are a different deal.  It takes a wicked good one to be in the top 5 of a class, if not the top 10.  These are the 2 shows that everybody brings their heat.  

I am not knocking the show in Louisville.  Not that I care if I offend somebody, but seriously, I’m not knocking the quality of the winners.  I know that there are good goats from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Kentucky, Georgia, etc..  And I have not been to the Louisville wether show.  But if you have been on facebook at all this week, one would think that the world’s best goat show was going on.  Maybe it is.  But dang.  There are LOTS of posts of every class of wether dam, showmanship, wether, etc.  Really all this proves is that there is a butt-load of the next generation at this show.  Posting everything is not always a good deal.  Several things made me go Huhnh?!

No, no it is not the world’s best goat show.  Very few, if any Texans and very, very few Okies are there.  NO premium sale!  I think that every goat shower in Louisville must be required to post numerous pics.  Which brings me to my point.  Why in the heck doesn’t the naile put the wether goats in the premium sale with the other species?  There is obviously good attendance at the goat show.  Kentucky has a fairly strong goat program.  Put them in the sale.  A show of that size should pay more than a couple hundred dollars to win it.  The hotels and the eating joints in that city aren’t cheap.  Pay it back!  Put the goats in the sale.  If you are running this show, why don’t you look at the goat attendance and go “Huhnh?!  We ought to put the goats in the sale.”  Just my thoughts, for whatever that is worth.  

I drained hoses tonight and unhooked the float valves in the stock tanks.  The wethers are wearing several layers of blankets.  With it being cold and dry, we will have to spray wethers for fleas.  

I have had several Huhnh?! moments during the past 24 hours that involved other goat people.  The first was a phone conversation that started with me reading a McDonald’s sign about the McRib to Schneberger.  

Me:  “The McRib is back!”  Him:  So, what, I’m going to Jake’s Ribs.  Me:  Dude, I just left there.   Him:  “Huhnh?  WTH are doing in Chickasha?” 

Hours later, he called back.  We talked goats for several miles.  Then he asked, “How’s Sander’s daughters goats look?” Me:  “Huhnh?!    Him:  “What?”  Me:  “Dude, I am just west of Seiling right now.  If I turned my left turn signal on and turned south, I could literally be at their pens in one minute.”    Coincedences.  Huhnh?!

Tonight, I was telling a story to Tammy about a text conversation with Tolson from earlier in the day.  Shattuck plays Alex in the football playoffs.  Some of the boys told me that Alex has a turf field.  Beings as how Mr. Tolson is one of the higher up administrators at Alex Public Schools, I texted him at noon and asked if this was true.  He replied, “Nothing but the best for you, Clark.”  (great line from a great movie)  As I was talking to Tammy this evening, I was telling her about Alex having a turf field.  At that moment, Tolson texted me a pic of the opening kickoff showing off the turf field.   Perfect Timing.  Sometimes, you just got to go Huhnh!?  

Have a great weekend.  We are.  We’re going to go see somebody cool.  Huhnh?! Wonder who that could be?


P.S.  Jason Spence’s facebook rant regarding American Airlines is classic.  Very creative hastags.