Huge Divide

It is a known fact that I don’t spend a lot of time asleep.  Three to five hours a night is good for me.  Until I get tired and then, once a month, I will crash from 9 pm to 4 am.  It is also a known fact that I don’t spend a lot of time watching the news.  Why?  I don’t care what the traffic is like in OKC.  The weather normally doesn’t apply to NW OK.  I can watch some ESPN and get all the sports I need.  Fox or cnn…no, they can’t keep the politics in the middle.  One leans hard one way and the other is the polar opposite.

However, I do spend a lot of time reading various things about a variety of factors that influence markets, economies and policies that can affect an average dude like myself.  Basically, I have read a lot of horror stories.  Over the past 10 or 12 years, these stories have gotten scarier.

I did not like your previous president.  I didn’t like anything about him.  He was a counterfeit, a liar, had no experience to allow him to do that job properly and I never trusted him.  I still stand by that.  And history will prove me right.

I also did not like the clinton regime.  Personally, I fear for our country, if we ever find out all of the truths of those people.  I am not the only that didn’t trust them.  There is a reason that she didn’t win.

I spend very little time telling anybody that the Trumpster is the greatest POTUS ever.  He may be.  Probably not.  But he is not the problem.  This divide between left and right is not healthy.  One side doesn’t care about facts, history or common sense.  The other side simply doesn’t care about the other side.  Right or left.  Red or blue.  Wrong or right.

I do think that Trump is trying to do his job.   I do wish all parties would just do their jobs.  I do NOT like that pelosi thing (can you get a shot for that disease?)  Probably not.  How do some of these districts elect these people.  Then I realize, they think that they are doing right.

I have a favorite daughter that lives in one of the three worst places in the U.S. of A.  California is one of our absolute greatest states.  HUGE agricultural producing state with immense diversity and quality.  California is one of the best ag producing regions of the WORLD.  But that cancer called LA is a problem.  They are the squeaky wheel that gets the attention (along with nyc and that crap-hole called chicago.  I have not been to nyc.  I like the state of Illinois but we could do without chicago–especially the cubs.  Just kidding. Kind of.  we can keep the cubs.)

Has she turned–no.  But I can tell that she feels it.  She is more cognizant of issues that are still common-place jokes in this part of the world.  My day2day mouth would cause me problems in la.  It shouldn’t.  I treat all people equal. I’ve had numerous conversations with other parents that have kids that left the midwest to chase their dreams.  In the end, all you can do is hope that you did your job as a parent.

This morning, I was hungry enough to eat……let’s stop there.  Something about a skunk and …..alright.  I was hungry.  So, I pulled into the local cafe.  I had NEVER eaten breakfast there.  Why?  It hasn’t fit my schedule and it was only the last year or so that they started to serve breakfast.  Well, it was good.  And I was the only patron under 50.  Keep that in mind.

Enough of the food report.  Anyways… while there, the morning regulars were watching the news and discussing all topics that came up.  Some black mail of some dude named Bezos.  They didn’t know who he was, just that he was worth a pile.  That pelosi looks like….   Well, that stupid son-of-a–.  And then, somebody brought up a talk show host named ellen.

I then learned a new term.  One of the all time unique Shattuck personas said, “I came home the other day and my wife was watching that ellen chick.  I told her that we ain’t watching that snicker licker in my house.”

Forevermore, when I see a snickers candy bar, I will remember that.

      I am not racist.  I dislike a lazy, drugged up, lying POS person–male or female, no matter the race, sexuality, political affiliation or religion.  I will gladly pay taxes when that money is used properly.  Anybody that knows me, knows that I will deal with you exactly as I see you.  In my world, a spade is a spade.  Wait?! Should that have been a shovel is a shovel.    It is horrible that one has to consider if that statement was proper.  Jeeminy.

I do not think that a wall will fix all of our problems.  I do think that it will help alleviate some issues.  I do think that we need the electoral college.  This might prove to be one of the smartest things that the founding fathers developed.  Just look at the representation that you people have elected from la, chicago and nyc.  It is mind boggling.

We will now break for some real first-world kind of problems.  It was 1 degree this morning.  Yes, ONE, UNO, EINS.  It was 5 when I left the house.  3 when I went through Gage.  But then it dropped to 1 as the sun was coming up.  But, at least it wasn’t windy.  As I sit here tapping this keyboard, I made a decision.  It is Friday night and I ain’t going anywhere tonight.  I think that I will have me a frosty beverage.  So, I braved the elements and stepped out onto the carport to get a cold one from the fridge.  Guess what?  The cold ones that were inside the fridge were like Elsa.   FROZEN!   WTH?  They froze inside the fridge!

And to continue our real first-world kind of problems section.  As I am typing this crap, I have received a text requesting that Bob Seelke be a guest blog writer.  NOOOOOO!   Not happening.  I like Jodi too much to let that happen.  But… but…. if it were to happen, all barriers would be broken.

Let’s clean this political mess up.  We, the people, still have a say when it comes to vote.  Clean it up.  Make your town, your state and America great.  Not again.  Just make it great. Period.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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