Well, we wanted/needed moisture.  We are getting it.  Two really nice snow falls the past two weeks have added up to over 2″ of moisture.  And now this.  The blizzard has arrived in NW Oklahoma.  It is coming in sideways.  Jed Castles on News9 is forecasting 20-30″ of snow for this part of the world.  The storm chasers are currently on tv saying that it is too dangerous for them to be on the major highways and are turning around and heading back to Woodward.  For that matter, they are showing a ODOT snowplow truck is stuck on highway 270 just north of here.  A snowplow stuck on the areas major highway, probably doesn’t bode well for the less traveled thoroughfares in Woodward and Ellis counties.

     I spent yesterday stocking up.  Made sure the barn heater was full of fuel.  Filled gas cans just in case we need the generator.  Put hay out and moved small square bales into the big barn.  We moved expecting does into that barn. Oh yeah, stopped at the quick stop to make sure the fridges are full of cold beverages.  Survival is key.

     I was supposed to be attending meetings in Wichita today and tomorrow.  For some reason, I decided not to drive to Wichita.  Something about weather people using the term “deadly” winter storms kept me from going.  When Gary England uses calls a storm “Epic” that means something.  I really didn’t want to be stuck in Wichita.

     Just the other day, a customer at the store made the comment “that spring wouldn’t be here until we get past Feb. 25th, cuz that’s when the big blizzard of ’72 hit.”

     It is full bore calving season.  Hopefully, not many calves are born the next couple of days.  Very few ranchers in this part of the world have indoor facilities for calving cows.  They have pens/barns for calving heifers, but cows are normally left in the pastures.  It will be hard for many to check cows/calves today and tomorrow.


Stay warm.

Stay safe.

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