…like a gutshot Comanche in an old western movie.  That would describe the wind that hit this piece of paradise this afternoon.  It is blowing relentlessly. What lilttle soil moisture that we had from the little bit of snow is now gone.  But enough about the weather.  

     My dad saw my last feed bill.  “I don’t know how you afford to feed that high dollar stuff.”  Goats have an inverse ratio as compared to any other species.  Sows and cows do well when fed avg. quality feed stuff.  You can supplement a cow or sow with some protein and get by.  

      A doe goat–nope. If you are in a commercial goat setting, then you can’t afford to feed any added feed.  If you are in a show/purbred operation, then you feed all that you can.  And if you want them to milk, you feed them high quality feed and high quality hay–does and kids.  Like my old buddy Tom Lamle says, “The only thing harder to bloom than a yorkshire baby pig is a #@%! goat.

       One thing that we need to remember is that the good LORD put these beasts on this earth to eat stuff that nothing else would eat.  So, it shouldn’t be surprising that it takes a pile of corn/alfalfa/and other expensive goodness to make a goat look good.  Then, you get to worry about a kidney stone which is a direct result of feeding high quality feedstuffs.  

      Speaking of howling, I have been trying to setup a Kelln Livestock deal on facebook.  This is a g-d trainwreck.  I don’t want my life history in my profile.  I want limited info and that website is not setup for “limited” info.  It is designed for maximum information overload.   I’ve talked to my IT person that lives in California.  All she did was sigh and say “I knew that this wasn’t going to be fun when you decided to do this.”  All I want to do is put some pics of goats out there for the world to see.  If I want to dispense other crap, I can do it on here.