How does that one fit?

Known fact that I spend more than my share of time behind the wheel of a pickup.  I don’t venture as far as I used to, but the miles are still covered.  Which means that the radio is on.  And with crappy cell service in this part of the world, I have time to think.

For example, while listening to the blue collar comedy tour, I got to thinking…one of these don’t fit!?!

Let’s look at the cast.  Jeff Foxworthy—arguably the greatest comedian ever.  Timeless, anybody can listen to him.  Larry the Cable Guy–one of the most popular comedians, ever.  Lots of bathroom jokes.  I like him.   Ron White–now, not everybody likes Ron White.  But, real comedians say that he is the funniest.  Sure, he isn’t always clean, but funny to the max.

And then there is Bill Engvall.   I’m not saying that he is bad.  Actually, he has some really good stuff.  But he doesn’t quite measure up to the other three.  Popular, yes.  Funny–very funny part of the time.  I’m not bashing him.  But, he doesn’t quite fit with the rest of them.

Then there is a super-group of artists.  The Highwaymen.   Waylon, Willie, Johnny Cash and…and….Kris Kristofferson.  One of my all-time favorite songs is the song of that name by that band.  I mean dang, listen to the song, there are 3 legendary bad ass singers and then one that is better than me.  But not so much better.  I think I could have sang that part and not hurt the song.  Listen to the song and it makes one think, “Hunh, he must have had some good drugs to share, so they keep him around.”

Duke walked by as I was writing this dribble.  I asked him, “What do you think of Kris Kristofferson?”

He said, “You and others have said that he must have some really good weed or something to be included in The Highwaymen and he kind of sounds like it.”

Now, before you go to blowing my phone up.  I didn’t say he was bad.  I know that he played in the iconic movie “Convoy”.  (crappy move that I like, crappy song that I still think is cool) By the way, you can still buy a chrome rubber duck truck hood ornament online.  I know that he played in PROBABLY the best version of “A Star is Born”.  (no, I haven’t seen the new one.)  Kind of like Engvall, he’s good.  The others are better–at singing.

If you do your research, one will quickly find that one doesn’t fit.

Golden Glove Boxer

Rhodes Scholar

Captain in the Army Airborne Rangers

Turned down an offer to teach English Lit at West Point.  RUSM?!  At West Point?!

Golden Globe actor winner

Grammy lifetime achievement award winner

Dang, dude!  Just how does that one fit with the others?  That’s a pretty good resume.


Now for your random crap of the night.  Who sang the song “Convoy”?

NOPE!  Not Kris Kristofferson.

Oh, you say CW McCall.  Sure.  But his real name is Chip Davis.  And his “real” band is Mannheim Steamroller which is played A LOT during this and every holiday season.  In fact, that band is the #64 all time high selling artist(s) in the USA.  Willie is #56 and Johnny Cash is #96, what, wait, really?  Hunh?  Heck, they made a big time movie about him.

Where’s Waylon?  Not in the top 100.  And he might be the best musician/artist of all of them.

Check out that top 100 all time certified music artists in the USA.  I can name a song from every one of the top 55 artists…..except for two.  R. Kelly at #55.  I know who he is but I cannot name a song of his.  I know that he is a POS.  So are several others on the list, but they had good songs.

The other that I cannot name a single song that they perform, however, I can name movies that she played in, but not one song.   #12–Barbara Streisand.  But, she did play in that “Star is Born” movie.

In review, what did we learn here tonight.  Engvall is funny.  But not Foxworthy funny.  Kristofferson has a bad-ass resume.  Convoy is still cool.  Willie is still “high” on the charts.  Cash is good.  Christmas tunes can rake some serious cash.  Waylon is my favorite of all of these.  Hollywood remakes too many movies.  And other than Saturday Night Live, that chick would not be relevant to me.  How does that one fit at #12 all time?

Shut the wind off in NW OK.  Have a good one and yes, by all means crank up some Highwaymen and Mannheim Steamroller this season.  (what were they doing to come up with that name?)

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