Hot N Cold

I did not make the trip to Angelo for the fever.  I stayed home and got some farming done (miserable).  I wanted to plant some cover crops today but we got a skiff of rain that stopped that.

It looks like the fever was an extremely high grade kind of fever.  83 head with an average of $8,412.  Damn!  That’s hot.  Highlighted by a couple of $30K wethers and numerous $20K+ wethers.

Saturday was one of the hotter days that we have seen so far in 2019. (? You serious Clark?)    Yeah, for reals.  Ain’t nobody walking around with a real sun tan in this part of the world.  It was only about 90F but it was a direct sun that we hadn’t seen in a bit.

Then came Sunday.  Heck, it was almost nippy.  50 degrees in mid June?  Wheat harvest and a drying out phase for those that are flooded just doesn’t want to happen.

Tyke and I banded kids today.  Every time that I use that wee bander is a whole new tutorial on how to operate that piece of engineering.

I had some Georgians that needed to pick up a goat about midnight on Saturday.  I was like “Dudes, I’m strong before 10 pm and after 2 am, so you might have to call several times to wake me.”  Nope, one call.  I fell asleep on the couch with the phone on my chest.  The combination of vibrations on my sternum and the ringing rattled me awake fairly quick.

Kids come home from Washington Leadership Conference tomorrow morning and I head to Stillwater for some classes.

Good luck and I hope the rains spare your goat herds.  In the words of Bob Seelke, “I don’t need no gD rain.  I can buy hay to feed these effing goats.”  Lot of truth in that statement.  Goats do NOT do well in a high moisture environment.


Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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