I don’t spend as much time with goat peeps as I used to.  And that is probably a good thing.  But I dang sure enjoy it when I get to have a day with some great ones.

Sure.  We had school today but I didn’t.  When I hired on to this gig, I made it clear that there would be times that I couldn’t be there.  No problem.  Plus, I put in my weekends and overtime.  It all evens out.  Not really, but I keep telling myself that.

I spent Tuesday in Goodwell, OK at the Oklahoma Panhandle State University FFA Interscholastics.  The Shattuck FFA hauled 48 students to this contest.  We did well, real well in some areas and could have done better in others.  All in all, I was pleased with the students.  We also enjoyed the opportunity to attend this event.  I made it home some time after midnight.

I made it to school for a bit on Wednesday then I headed east.  East to Fargo to load does and head to Cleo Springs.  Amy & Carli Word had inquired about flushing and AIing does.  So we went to Bob & Jodi Seelke’s.  It was as expected…only better.  Braden was in a pissy mood.  Darbi Ross was great help.  Bob was in perfect form.  It was awesome.

And then Jodi had lunch ready.  Boneless beef ribs with bbq beans, corn and home-made bbq sauce.  OH SNAP!  I only ate two plate FULLS.   Then she offered up home-made Mexican vanilla ice cream with red velvet cake.  I abstained.  I was already at maximum capacity and knew that the fresh ice cream would tear me up.  But, everybody else was hooked on this ice cream and cake.  I could smell the vanilla in it.

The crew doing the technical work was great to deal with.  Who?  I don’t want to jinx anything.  But they were especially great with Carli and let her get involved.  I always like it when people take time to teach a kid.  It pays off for all involved.

Oh, Carli had never met Bob Seelke before.  On the way to Cleo Springs, I told her that Bob was quiet and hardly ever talked.  HAAA!!!!! Carli is a super quiet kid but she was even laughing and telling Bob stories on the ride home.   Bob has taken off work for 5 straight days.  He is a bit wound.  Everybody was teasing Jodi about how she was going to handle 5 straight days of Bob. She laughed and said, “How do you think the obituary will read?”   We all laughed and said, “Anybody that knew him would say that it was justified.”

If you can’t tell, I had fun today.  Don’t know yet how to feel about the work that was done but time will tell.  But, as usual, I did learn something.

I had bought some name-brand-not-cheap semen.  I wanted it checked as we were working.  They had a tablet with the iSperm app on it.  Yep, put a drop of sperm in the screw on light and it works like a microscope.  Then you hit “analyze” and it counts concentration of sperm cells, tests motility and abnormalities.  It was wicked bad ass cool.  That purchased semen…eeeennnhhh…decent but not good.  Not good enough to sell but…..the check was cashed months ago.  Should have 50% on frozen semen–maybe half of that can settle a doe but….

So, I then had them thaw some 7 year old Fade2Black straws…cool deal it was almost 60% motility.  Cool.  Then, I said “Breed the rest to that Rumour Has It buck.”  Bob nor I even bothered to go look at the semen test. Didn’t need to. They thawed it and put a drop on the slide.  The technician, Darbi, Amy and Jodi all screamed, “Dang, it looks like it is trying to swim off the screen!”   70+% motility.  If my luck holds true with this high maintenance goat management then nothing will stick except for the spanish/nubian cross that we bred for the neighbor hoping for quint doe kids.

I sometimes shake my head when dealing with REI but I cannot dispute that they do a good job of putting up semen.  I’ve sold quite a bit of goat semen over the years with very few complaints and I made every one of those deals right even though it was probably operator error.  Thus the reason that I have REI collect and store the semen.

Did I mention that Jodi prepared one helluva lunch?  And that Bob made me laugh?  And that I learned something(s)?  I watched a kid and a parent learn why good goats cost so dang much.  And I had fun.  Dang dude.

It’s all good.  Until I realize that I’m going to have to use the neighbors buck.  He is a well bred kind of deal: “The neighbor thinks that he bought him in Goldthwaite, Perry, Dodge or San Angelo at a sale.  He came with some pink papers that said he is a Spanish/900/Gallagher/191/Animal/Bingo/Helms/Ibex/Pfeiffer/Hutto deal that was an aborted embryo that would have been a twin to the grand or reserve at either the ’09 or ‘011 show that was in Kansas City or Houston or maybe Huntoon, Tx.  Who knows?  Got to be good.  All I wanted to know about him was:  “How come he don’t have no ears and why does the scrapies tag show that he is from Florida?

You better think about it.   Think.  Think.   Hunh?!   Where did they put that scrapies tag?

I’m done.  For now.

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