$ hopefully making more $s

     Got home from the store last night and I could hear the squawking sound of newborn goats in the barn.  The anticipation heightened as there are 8 does in the barn due any day.  Six of these does are bonafide producers, plus Verlin the dairy goat.  Which one could it be?  It was none of the proven does that had kidded.  It was $.  $ is the highest priced female that I have ever purchased.  She was purchased in an online auction in the fall of 2011.  I grew her out last year and then bred her.  She had a pair of twins.  $ was mated to Rumour Has It.  These would be mating $ to even bigger $ investment.  We will see if $ plus $s, works to make lots of $s.  The rest of the mob continued to lay around, groaning, throughout the night.  I don’t know if they will pop today or tomorrow, but several of these does look and sound like they are going to have a litter.

    Last night was eventful as we had a visitor.  A Yankee drove up from Amarillo, since he was in the neighborhood, just to look at goats and talk livestock.  I guess 2 1/2 hours is a lot closer to the neighborhood than Indiana.  Good visit.  We did get interupted from in-depth genetic discussions as I was trying to buy some bulls in an online auction for a customer.  We got the two bulls that we wanted, but that dang extended time caused me to lose an hour of my life.  I told him to stop back south of Shattuck on his way back to Amarillo.  I hope that went well since Tyke is under-rested and Big Bill was in the vicinity playing on a tractor.  Who knows what kind of mischief could be going on over there?

     I’ve turned the first of march born kids and their moms out of the barn this week, now that the weather appears to be okay.  As a result of living in the barn since before the blizzard, the does hooves are incredibly long.  I’m going to have to trim some hooves this weekend.  

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