Hooked Up

     As usual, I have managed to cram too many things into a given calendar.  We just survived the Ellis county fair.  This isn’t a big livestock fall fair.  However, the FFA and 4H projects are pretty competive.  Lots of floriculture, ag mech, photo boards, grass boards and veggies.  Not all bad as lots of kid can compete.

      I got home from that fair in time to watch Braden & Duke clip and photo keeper bucks for several breeders.  Gary Cramblet brought a trailer load.  He brought 2 of his own and 3 of Helms.  Throw in one of mine and this might have been the best set of buck prospects gathered in one place this year.  Lots of look, power and balance assembled in one group.  This Cramblet has managed to put together an elite pair of bucks.  This pair was dang good.  The Helms bucks are good, but I had seen them and knew what to expect.  There is one that I have always really liked and he did not dissapoint.  

      My keeper is a Rumour x Harley that is bred just like the grand at Woodward in ’15.  I guess that this buck is a flush success story.  Last summer, Edwards got one embryo out of this doe.  In September, Crawford, with all of his wisdom and intellect managed to get 0 out of her.  She passed on in December.  Luckily, that one embryo stuck.  I like this goat.  

     On Sunday, I finally got to meet some razorbacks that I had dealt with on the phone.  It is good to meet in person.

     Speaking of wicked good– my Mom made some pear kuchen.  I grew up eating cherry kuchen but this pear deal was new and was actually just an attempt to get rid of a crap-load of pears.  Holy jeeminy this stuff was unreal good!

     How about that crappy Okie State football loss?  You can blame the refs but OSU earned that loss.