Home Again

     I went back to Tulsa on Saturday morning.  Had some students showing heifers, plus I had to pick up grassboards, news boards and floriculture exhibits.  All exhibited very well.  By the way, I like showing grass boards, news boards and other state fair kind of exhibits.  

     I got back in time to watch the 4th div. of the jr. doe show.  I don’t normally care to watch many doe shows, but I’m glad I watched.  I really liked several does in that division.  And I really liked the grand and reserve does.  I agreed with the judge.  Then I handled them.  I liked them.  Very complete.  Handled good.  Structurally correct with a good look.  The cool thing about both does were that both kids could show like a champ.  I guess that they are both purebreds.  Okay.  All I know is that they are both good.  Real good.  

      I don’t know what all we had show there.  I was told that Seelke’s had a Rumour doe that won a class and that I had a Rumour doe kid that was 3rd.  Cool deal.  The best news that I got on Saturday was delivered by Pat Lyons.  I sold a bred doe online last year. (no picture)  Pat and Bill Mein bought her.  She had triplets.  They sold a buck kid. Kept a doe and sent a doe kid to Georgia.  Well, that doe kid was reserve grand market doe at the Georgia National.  I like it.  That was $1,800 well spent by Pat and Bill.  

    I spent Saturday afternoon on the midway at the Tulsa State Fair.  BIG FUN!   The weather was almost perfect, therefore, all of the fair creatures were out on the midway.  Including my and a Schoovy.  I spent a bit of time in a tent watching for visible tattoos and watching ou get beat.  Good day.  

     Then, the impossible happened.  I went to supper with a good friend.  We went to Outback and had a steak.  Both of us were impeccabley well behaved.  I was driving and he almost always behaves at this point in his life.  Great night.  Great conversation.  Then it got weird.  Mr. Staats bought supper.  GREAT night!  I drove past the casino on the way home.  I knew that I had already hit the jackpot.  

      Now, I’m home again and the feeders are full, my donkey is dragging and I’m ready for this weekend.  Have a good day and a better tomorrow.