It is real hard to put in print the sounds that have come out of my mouth the past couple of hours.  Most of the sounds have been un-intelligible.  Some are happy sounds and the rest just weren’t meant for children, mothers or grandmothers.  Let’s pick a few words.

HUMBLED–Thanks to all the calls, texts, emails, etc.  I will be honest, it can be a pain in the ass, but this deal makes me go “Bpth”.  

DELIVERY–At this point in time, I only know where 3 lots went.  But it is obvious that a person could make deliveries to the midwest and make it worthwhile.  

        Well, let’s quit jacking around–WHERE DID HE GO?–Well, he stayed in Oklahoma.  Lot 3 is going to Kay County, Oklahoma to Rick Barnthouse.  Mr. Barnthouse came and looked,  and obviously liked what he saw.  He will name him and decide when semen will be offered.  I applaud the purchase.  Speaking from experience, it hurts to do something like that, but when you know it’s right, hit it and hit it hard.  James and I wrestled with what to do, (sell him, keep him, syndicate him, etc.)   but we are tickled that this dude is going to get used and marketed.  Look forward to this dude’s offspring.  I willl GUARANTEE that this dude will sire some serious stuff.  This goat is way good and it is geting ready to be fun. 

CAPTIVE–For all of the breeders that want to keep your genetics captive,  keep them.  I spent several years and a shit load of dollars trying to buy what I wanted.   Several breeders cashed some checks on does from me, but nobody wanted to turn loose of the right buck.  I  tried and tried hard.  In 2009, once the right one was in front of me, I was DUMB enough to bow out of a partnership on that buck.    In 2010, a few breeders allowed me to buy several bucks.   I bought Joe Dirt, Freak On A Leash and Rainman.  Luckily for me, I didn’t buy in on that buck in 2009,  but instead  I bought in on the person that bought him.  Basically, in true KELLN terms, pick a four letter word that starts with the letter F.  I effed up, but it will work out in the end.  You can cash my check now, or somebody else will.  


HELMS—Yeah, in the goat business, it’s a word.  And Joe Ed is cooler than Kenneth.  This crap doesn’t happen without Kenneth’s foresight that “well dang it, this crap might be fun”.  He will tell you that all of this doesn’t happen except that I showed up with my entourage.  Which at that time consisted of Tammy, Kela, Duke and my dumb ass.   I think that I was 4th on the list of the people that mattered.  Actually, I am sure where I rank.  Without a doubt, thanks to Kenneth for having faith in us and most of all, installing an ultimatum.  “Just make sure that you bring these goats to the Lone Star Elite. ”  Thank you for enforcing that rule.  Which brings me to myself.  We’re coming back to the Lone Star Elite (RUSM), let’s get the Texans to come to the Champion’s Choice Jackpot.  Same money.  Come on.  I bet Gallagher will have his troops ready.  


KNOWLEDGE—I have nothing, but  an ass-load of experience.  Here’s what I can tell you.  That lot 3 purchase was GENIOUS.  Why?  I’ll betcha that he pays himself off in the first kid crop.  Next–We shouldn’t have sold any part of him.  But that is how you advance the market place.  You have to make genetics available.  Semen.  Yes. Short sighted.  No.  Available. Not at this time.  Actually not.  


     My thoughts on this sale?  Holy smokes Batman.  This deal went well. Real well.  A sale like this can make these lovely does look a lot better.  Thanks to all the lookers, bidders, buyers and everyone that had an interest.