Holy Jeeminy!?

      Let’s be real with each other.  I struggled with selling these 4 does.  But my struggle was with the question…What are they worth?  Sass probably needed to stay here but the days of being sentimental left me a year or so ago.  I could have kept the other three and been fine.  Yet, Tammy and I need a mental vacation from the goats.  They are proven and in their prime.  I was hoping that the four of them would bring about $10K.  THANK YOU to all that bid and bought.  

       To be honest, back in the day when we sold a lot of high $ goats, these online sales would find a pile of aluminum cans and a bunch of Funyun crumbs all over the place.  Maybe some honey stuck to the keyboard.  Not anymore.  Now it’s like, “Wow that got up there fast!”  And “I hope they don’t keep bidding too late.”  I know, I’m stupid but I’ve witnessed a lot of changes since Kela first talked us into a goat.  

       In all honesty, the past two months in the goat business has been fun.  We sold some good bucks that went to really good homes.  I sold the majority of the herd to Dallen Skelley and he is excited about the babies that they have on the ground.  Back at the first of February, Tammy and I kidded out a set of does that were all AI bred to Pickup Man.  That was the best couple of days of kidding that I have ever had.  And it is obvious that the people that bought these does had seen these kids.  Yes, I am saying that you might want to gather some Pickup Man semen before it gets really high.  

       We have some deliveries to make.  Then an equipment sale and then possibly sell part of a satellite herd or three.  Holy jeeminy!  The end is near.  In more ways than one.  

       On a different note.  I had a neighboring ag teacher call to check in on me.  What?  He said that he had a dream and that I was pissed at him.  And then I ended up in the hospital.  TF?  

    I replied, “Most of the world knows when I am pissed.  And currently, at this time and day, I truly don’t think that I am pissed at any other human being.  And yes, I’m old enough to be in the hospital but I’m not.”  

      Guess what?   I’m not pissed at any doe goats either.  Yes, go back and read that again.  I actually typed it.  It’s a screwed up world.  Mass hysteria.  Dogs and cats living together. 

       Guess what else?  I did have ONE anonymous texter.  I did not reply.  

People, people, people….seriously, it’s all good and I truly thank each of you (for whatever reason that you read this crap) and I truly appreciate all of the people that we have met through our goat experiences.  Thank you.  

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