I just overheard Duke tell his mother that our family just missed a national holiday.  She said, “Kelln males don’t care about Valentine’s Day.”  He replied, “Not that holiday.  Today was the last day of quail season and Dad and I were too busy to go.”    I guess both sides of that conversation were right.

Speaking of big days.  Okie State wrestles Penn State on Sunday–1 vs. 2.  I don’t care if you like the sport or not, that’s cool when the big dogs can square off in a place like Gallagher-Iba.  Although it isn’t fun to watch, Gundy’s little video of him urging students to go to the match is cool.

Got some pics from the Schovanec family.  TravASS and the two younger ones have been fishing.  Schoovy texted pics of caught fish and said “Tell Duke he needs to fish over east here”.  I was like WTH?!  To heck with Duke, I’m on my way if the fish are biting.

We got some sunshine today and the late (Thanksgiving) planted wheat looks like it jumped out of the ground.  Ironically, the stuff planted the last weekend of August also looks like it jumped out of the ground (maybe not as high though).  There is enough triticale for the does to keep grazing for a bit.  We might even be able to make a bale or 3 come the month of May.  We’ll see.  At worst, Duke can turn some cows out onto it.  This agriculture business sure works better with a bit of moisture.  Sure, this paragraph about rain and sunshine fit right into the previous and following paragraphs.  (somebody teach this clown how to cut & paste and edit).

If you can’t tell, there are things like fishing, hunting, fishing, watching Okie State sports, fishing, etc.  that I really like to do, but it is hard to make time.  Livestock, other people’s crap, my own crap, etc. get in the way.  My fault.  Nobody else’s.  But I thoroughly enjoy my time when I make time to do those kind of things.

Hunting vs. fishing?   Fishing.  Why?  You don’t know what is down there until you see it.  HUGE added bonus–You can release a fish back and not have a mess to clean up.  Hunting–once you shoot it, you got a job to clean it.  It’s all good and I love the hunt more than the rest.

Kind of reminds me of showing livestock.  I love the hunt of looking for good stock.  I love trying to read genetics.  Trying to see/feel what is there.  I love the work of trying to get them right, managing feed, etc.  But I do not enjoy the mess that some people can create at stock show time.  I really just want to find em, work em, look at em and turn them back out and say “Yeah, that one looks good.”  Or, “That deal didn’t feed out so well.”  I just enjoy looking at good stock–regardless of species.  I don’t enjoy all the extra-curricular activities that can cloud the real reason we do this.  Which, in case you forgot–is to improve livestock and more importantly use livestock to raise our kids.

Huge CONGRATS to Addie Schneberger with her res. grand wether at the SW district show today.  No, I didn’t raise the goat.   I’ve never ever seen the goat.  I hope the goat is good.  But the Kelln Klan are really big fans of Addie Schneberger.  This kid is way cool, works hard and is going to be really successful.  She is like her mom.  Thank GOD!  I consider her dad a friend and enjoy talking the business with him.  But, I really like the whole family unit.  Good people.

Ironically, the song JukeBox Hero by Foreigner just came on.  Dude!  I like that song.  I like it a lot!  Ask Tyke.  He’s had to listen to that song at ear-splitting level numerous times.  I remember it being a big dang deal to plug a quarter in the jukebox and pick some songs.  Dang, you had to study the song list in order to make sure that you picked all great ones.  That last selection was of paramount importance as you did not want to pick a sub-par song.

Hunh?!   Kind of like dealing with livestock.

This is the end of these very random ramblings from this dude that is remembering why he likes to kid in the months of May, June and July.

I ate spaghetti for supper.

I’m done.











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