Holiday Sales

Lots of dollars changed hands the last week or two in the goat world. Several high dollar bucks sold in Texas this past week. I did get to lay my hands on the world record sellling doe. Way impressive. There were also several other top notch does in the pen with her. Somebody has spent some time gathering genetics.

Between the Best of the West and the Labor Day sale in Alex, there were some awfully good goats that sold well worth the money. I was hoping to find 2 or 3 at Alex and I came home with 8. They will all find homes in the next day or two. Buyers with a budget should have been at those two sales. Goats aren’t going to get any cheaper the rest of the fall.

The temperature finally dropped this past weekend. Beautiful weather. The only way it could be better, is if it was raining. It will come. As the night temps are now dropping into the fifties, people need to pay attention to the comfort of their wethers. If you need a hoodie or jacket when you go outside, then the goats need a canvas. I think a lot of people mis-manage their goats by not keeping them warm enough.

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