I’ve always liked Dustin Hoffman’s characters in movies.  Little Big Man–great one.  Tootsie–Who knew that 1982 movie was just a prelude to the cross-dressing, trans-, metro-sexual, whatever the hell we have currently going on in our society .  At least he had a goal and the movie was funny.  Plus, Bill Murray was in that movie.  But, my favorite is probably The Graduate.  That movie was the bomb.  He was lost in life, mom and daughter were both hot, things happen–at least in the movies.  I get it.  Made for a great flick.

Better yet, was the soundtrack to that movie.  It is over-loaded with Simon & Garfunkel.  That ain’t all bad–Heck, they are hall of famers.  Back in ’86 or ’87, I even had a cassette tape of Paul Simon.   Graceland.  I remember the video with Chevy Chase in it–“You can call me Al.”  Good stuff.  I even got my cassette tape briefcase like thing stolen.  They took the Van Halen, George Strait, ZZ Top, AC/DC and Huey Lewis tapes but left that one.   That one and a tape that I stole/borrowed from Dad.  It was a Willie Nelson &  Julio Iglesias tape that had “To all the girls I’ve loved before”.

There are several great songs from The Graduate soundtrack but my fav has always been “The Sound of Silence”.  That song is wicked good.  Especially in a dark vehicle at night on an unlit dirt road.  It is a classic song that has stood the test of time.

I normally don’t like remakes of great songs.  Very few have ever stood up to the original.  A select few have surpassed the OG.  A year or so ago, I heard “The Sound of Silence” on the radio and it was performed by Disturbed.  Dude, I was a bit disturbed by this.  But… but, it was good.  Maybe even real good.  And the video is wicked good.  It only took 50 years to remake this song–disturbingly good.  Baby brother Daniel and I are both expert music critics.  We both like this remake.

Right now, I’m listening to some chick named Adele singing “Rolling in the Deep.”  There ain’t no improving that one.  But, who knows, maybe 50 years from now…….

I’m just waiting, like the rest of us, on the next big hit in the goat industry.  Hogs—it seems like breeds go up and down in quality while the next big thing is coming. Berks are hot right now.  Polands–not so much.  Sheep—they just throw a breed to the side that can’t currently help.  See ya Suffolks.  Cattle—steers–they are all out of MAB or some other cross–shorthorn, herds, blacks, smokes, whatever.  Goats–we’re just all sitting around the campfire waiting on the next great outcross.  Too many breeders have never been told what they were breeding to, or it is a son of, or they were just lied to.  Basically, we just need a buck named Sound of Silence.  Because we are all just at the mercy of what we have been told.  Maybe name one Hoffman.  How about that round trip to get here?  Bet you clowns didn’t see that one coming when you started reading this crap!

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  Got a little Copperhead Road playing now.  Awesome!! It’s like having a pile of horseshoes and shamrocks.

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