I have had more than my share of highlights in the goat industry.  No rankings. Just going to list some stuff that has always stuck out to me.


–Bingo.  I saw him for the first time when he was 3+ years old.  That wasn’t just a good goat.  That was good livestock.  He won everything.  His kids won.  And even though he was a purebred, those genetics were wicked enough to transpose the wether game as well.  I have seen several living legends in the livestock game.  Bingo was without a doubt the single best piece of livestock that I have ever seen.

–191.  Refer to Bingo.  Why?  191s mom was the twin sister to Bingo.  Lots of power in the blood right there.  I’ve got several stories involving 191.  But my favorite(s)  involve him siring Joe Dirt, Rumour Has It, Braden’s grand at OYE, Duke’s res. grand at ANLS, Bree’s grand at the Lone Star Elite, Chesley’s bad ass wether AND a whole crap pile of other good goats.

–900.  He wasn’t/isn’t just a line in an ad to me.  I saw him, handled him and showed goats out of him.  Throw Starbuck and Showtime into this list.  There is a reason that those names are still relevant…they were that good.  The entire industry became focused on 900 genetics and we are all still looking for the next deal. (Yes, I am aware that there is a She Said buck.)  I’ve seen some great stock in other species as well (Who Made Who, Warfare, Basic Instinct, Yakety Yak, etc…)  900…cool enough for me.

–2011 Helms Purchases– He didn’t want to sell anything private treaty, but….but…if you promise me that you will take them to the Lone Star Elite Jackpot.  I did and we did.  He didn’t give them away.  I don’t get nervous but I was damn sure uptight going into this deal.  Schovanec’s, Taylor’s and Kelln’s headed to San Angelo for this show.  Bill and TravASS asked me how I thought we would do?!?!?!   I thought we could be competitive.  After watching the first couple of classes, I told TravASS and Big Bill,”Get ready cuz these Texans ain’t ready for what’s getting ready to hit them.(not the term that I used)   Our showmen and goats were better.  Watch!!   I was right.  Bree was grand, Braden had a res. div. We showed 8 goats and had 7 in the top 2 of their classes.  The other was 4th.  Those kids won a couple of showmanship buckles.   We came home with a pile of cash and buckles.  We went back for several years with very similar results.  Payout was wicked good.

–2014/2015  show results     Goats that I bought or raised had the following results–2014–res. grand at Tulsa, grand at Phoenix.  2015–res. grand at Denver, grand doe & wether at Woodward District, bronze wether at OYE and res. grand at Kansas City.  I probably should have ran an ad after that stretch.

–Woods County Fair in 2002– Barclay Holt, Jack Staats and I talking crap with Don Lenhart and Sonny Wagner about showing goats.  Who knew that Don and Sonny were the smart people in the discussion.  Those two old farts gave us Ag Teachers hell about the fact that the goats were coming.  What?  They were right.

–The people that I have met.

–All clean!   At NO point in time, has one of the goats that I was dealing with, tested positive..for anything.  NEVER.  OYE, Tulsa, Denver, Phoenix, Kansas City, Lone Star Elite,   name it…..CLEAN.  And no dirty pool.  We just showed good stock.  I’m not a big name jock. But my kids are done showing—2000 through 2019.  Twenty show seasons with goats, sheep, heifers and chickens.  Not one time did my kid’s animals test positive for anything .  EVER!   I am proud of this because others can’t claim this.  Their own kids were banned from…


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